These shades reflect 50 years of Bottega Veneta and 15 years of Tomas Maier

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These shades reflect 50 years of Bottega Veneta and 15 years of Tomas Maier

The signature intrecciato motif is refreshed with every season at Bottega Veneta. For the last 15 years, it has so been done with compelling wit under the creative direction of one Tomas Maier. Spring 2017 proves no different but is set apart by a celebratory distinction. 


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With unparalleled craftsmanship propelling the legacy of the Italian house, innovative techniques are explored with a reverence towards tradition to achieve a seamless melding of what has been and what is to come. 


We know, as does the rest of the world, that this season marks what has been 15 years of Tomas Maier’s brilliance bestowed and half a century since the inception of the label. This momentous joint celebration of Bottega Veneta’s 50th anniversary and their current designer’s 15th heralded the ultimate dedication to artisanal craft. 

The inimitable intrecciato is skillfully woven by hand from tiny strips of crimped metal with pain-staking precision to create the limited edition BV15 sunglasses in 18-carat gold, 925 silver and rose gold.


Cut to shape, and then secured in place by iconic semi-spherical rivets onto polished sculpted frames, the woven metal pieces carry the revered heritage of Bottega Veneta from their Venetian beginnings to the eyes of its wearer who looks upon the future.


From the most conspicuous component to the very discreet bits, attention to detail remains paramount. The intrecciato motif is carried through magnificently—a beautiful gros grain leather pouch to rest the shades features the exquisite woven texture while barely noticeable nose pads are crafted from titanium and engraved with the unmistakable crisscross pattern.


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