Bally x André: A boot that inspired a reboot

Hey, Mr. A!


By Buro247

Bally x André: A boot that inspired a reboot

1910 to 1990 was an era where Bally built its legacy of artistic advertising with bold graphic design on illustrative posters by artists such as Bernard Villemot. In the years that followed, those collaborations faded away as the brand’s campaigns adopted a photographical collage style.

Fast forward more than two decades from the last poster by Bernard Villemot, a new artsist, André Saraiva is picking up where he left off. A vintage pair of Bally boots caught André’s attention while packing for a trip and in trying to create a replica for his girlfriend, the idea to work with the brand was born. Bally x André is the first creative collaboration of this sort in almost 25 years.


With the help of some animation magic by Roberto Prual Reavis, André Saraiva’s cheery, top-hatted, stick figure character by the name of Mr. A—commonly seen in his street art from New York to Paris—was given new life (and some swanky Bally kicks to boot, of course):

The artistic collaboration also resulted in a redesign of that pivotal pair of boots, a capsule collection of accessories and small leather goods, and a poster for Bally. The Bally x André collection is available in selected Bally stores and online in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK and US. 

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This collaborative effort launches Bally’s new commitment to producing an annual poster with new talent from here on out. Peruse the gallery below for snaps from André Saraiva’s takeover of the Madison Avenue Bally store:

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