Bally tells you all you need to know about shoes

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By Buro247

Bally tells you all you need to know about shoes

Part of the joy of purchasing a beautiful, well-made pair of shoes is their maintenance and upkeep. Like a garden, a pair of shoes will flourish with proper care and attention, developing its own unique patina: every scratch or mark evoking a memory, a place and a time. For over 160 years, Swiss brand, Bally, have perfected their craft in the art of shoemaking and its care and have compiled their comprehensive knowledge into a “Shoepedia”, available to be viewed online for free. As experts in their field, Bally’s Shoepedia offers basic maintenance tips as well as a Shoe Rescue section to help save your shoe from dreaded chewing gum or wine stains. It’s everything you’ve wanted to know and more at the very tips of your fingers. Did we mention that all this knowledge is for free?

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