Longchamp’s Parisian townhouse morphed into a work of art

Longchamp’s Parisian townhouse morphed into a work of art

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Text: Su Fen Tan

Longchamp doesn’t just leave its storefront idle during renovations – they turn it into a work of art

If you have been in Paris just recently, you would have noticed a visually striking difference at the corner of two very busy streets just dozens of metres from the Place de la Concorde - a spectacular work of art has taken over the Longchamp storefront. The Parisian luxury brand has just started renovations of considerable magnitude at its historic store on rue Saint-Honoré in the French capital. In light of this period of closed doors, they implemented an unconventional and innovative project by commissioning American artist Ryan McGinness to decorate the corner location with a spectacular floor-to-roof artwork, <<Mindscapes>>.


"This decoration in the heart of Paris is a very important step for us. Ryan is from New York and we're from Paris, two cities overflowing with energy and creativity! As symbolised by the horse and rider galloping in our logo, our brand is in perpetual movement. These words can also be used to describe Ryan's work and the piece he has created for this site", says Jean Cassegrain, Longchamp CEO and the founder's grandson.

Longchamp’s Parisian townhouse morphed into a work of art (фото 1)

Ryan McGinness adds: "In autumn 2015, I received an invitation from Jean Cassegrain, whom I have known for years, to 'wrap' the brand's Paris flagship store on Rue Saint-Honoré while extensive renovations take place. We decided to go with 'fragmenting the façade' into 'windows' of brightly coloured paintings with strong black borders. I selected striking and colourful images that I want to feel personal to passers-by. I have used details from a variety of my paintings, many of which refer to dreamlike images, alongside fluorescents, pearlescents, varying textures and finishes in order to intensify their impact."


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