Four Nines: Eyewear as fine as pure 999.9 gold

Four Nines: Eyewear as fine as pure 999.9 gold

Four nines for four eyes

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Well-loved Japanese eyewear brand, Four Nines redefines perfection and eye contact

A line of eyewear conceptualized by opticians and seasoned purveyors of eyeglasses, Four Nines is the realization of astute expertise and years of experience. The brand's name, 999.9—read as Four Nines—is an alias of the purest grade of gold; hence, alluding to the impeccable quality they stand for.


Four Nines makes it their mission to pursue the creation of the 'ideal' pair of glasses—catering to the demands of users while anticipating their needs to surpass expectations. Engineered first and foremost to be fine optical tools, Four Nines makes exemplary standards quality and design their principal objective. Their philosophy denotes that through the pursuit of excellence, beautiful aesthetics will naturally ensue.


The holistic design process is embodied through three key points:

Comfort: Products are designed to wrap around the wearers' heads as opposed to applying unnecessary pressure on the nose and ears—offering optimum comfort

Durability: The aim is to create products that truly last and not break easily

Ease of use: Frames are shaped to naturally promote comfort and can be easily adapted to individual facial characteristics—minimizing the necessity of frequent adjustments

Four Nines: Eyewear as fine as pure 999.9 gold (фото 1)


Traits of the brand are translated most explicitly in their specialized hinges and layered frames. The Gyaku-R (reversed 'R'), Jabara and S hinges aid in weight and force distribution to enhance comfort and prevent frame distortion. Additionally, wearers are easily able to adjust the frames if and when necessary. The Layered Blow and Double Front type frames create a balance that disperses the stress placed on the front of the glasses by the lenses.


Four Nines' latest campaign for their 2016-2017 collection, 'Me to Me'—with 'Mé' meaning 'eye' in Japanese—explores eyewear on a deeper level; relating eye contact to true communication.

Four Nines: Eyewear as fine as pure 999.9 gold (фото 2)

Whilst eye-to-eye contact is hardly visionary, perhaps, promoting a shared 'Me to Me' experience in the age of virtual connectivity could be.



Find the latest collection by Four Nines at the new Isetan: The Japan Store, other Four Nines optical stores and a list of authorized dealers found here.


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