Laneige makes it easy to achieve K-beauty looks

Laneige makes it easy to achieve K-beauty looks

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: Laneige

These foolproof makeup products from Laneige will save you time on getting that perfect gradation lip or winged-eye look

Got your eyes set on taking on a beauty look that you spotted from your favourite K-drama series? Whether it's a naturally-flushed gradient lip or experimenting with graphic eyes via bold liquid eyeliner, Laneige has got you covered with three products to take on three K-beauty trends:


Ombré/gradation lips

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So we got the memo that gradient lips this year is all about looking youthful and incorporating moisturising lip colours for that spunky look. Take on this trend with Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar that combines one high gloss colour with a semi-matte sub colour. Worried about that obvious, unwanted line between two lippie shades? Laneige's lip bar is diagonally cut for that natural gradation on the lips so you'd get a highly pigmented and glossy effect in the middle, with a softer semi-matte effect on the outer lips.

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Tip: Apply the main colour on the inner part of the lips, reverse it to apply the sub colour to the upper lip. Smack your lips together for a natural gradation effect.


Subtle smoky eyes to take you from day to night

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Some of us makeup users don't necessarily have an extensive makeup brush collection required for smoky eye looks (blend, blend, and blend is the key to every eye makeup look), Laneige adopted the similar concept from its Two Tone Lip Bar to create the Two Tone Shadow Bar—an eyeshadow bar that combines a main colour (subtle satin pearl finish) and a base colour (shimmer lightning pearl for an eye-lifting effect). With a formula that has Aloe Vera powder and Vitamin E derivatives for moisturising and colour-staying properties, this is one creamy eyeshadow product that can seriously save you time during your makeup routine.

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TipPlace the bar as close to your lash line as possible, then apply from the outer corner of the eyes inwards. Blend with finger to complete. For the under-eye areas, apply the base colour to the 2/3 point from the inner corner. Connect to 1/3 point from the outer corner of to the end of the eyes to create a deep-set look.


A smooth, winged eyeliner look

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Liquid eyeliners have always been a hard nut to crack (no thanks to shaky hands and ultra-fine applicators). Laneige's Edge Drawing Eyeliner has two applicator tips for you to choose from if you're a novice in this eyeliner game. For a thicker line to channel a dramatic look, use the sharpie tip for strength control. But if you're all about drawing delicate fine lines, use the pen felt tip instead. This '3-Second Liner' is scoring major points in our books as both tips are designed to prevent irritation to the eye areas and lash lines, along with delivering an adequate amount of colour pigment to prevent that dreaded ink-bleeding situation. What else can we ask for?

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All featured products are available at Laneige boutiques and counters nationwide. 


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