This Halloween-ready nail art trend is not for the faint-hearted

This Halloween-ready nail art trend is not for the faint-hearted


Text: Wei Yeen Loh

The stiletto nail trend has taken a *sharp* turn as of late

Just when you thought that the Instagram nail art trend couldn't get any more bizarre (this may be an understatement), stiletto nails are now making headlines for the level of extra that it's bringing to the table.

We aren't mincing our words here—from 3cm razor-sharp tips that Kylie Jenner repped to claw-like talons in matching satin gloves (scroll for more), we're constantly bowled over by the dizzying weirdness that is the Insta-nail world. 

If coffin nails and lipstick tips are the most exaggerated nail art shapes you've spotted as of late, brace yourself for pointy digits that can double up as a self-defence weapon—just brandish your claws and no one's gonna come close in proximity, not even with a five-foot pole. 

Ahead, we compiled the most Halloween-worthy, ultra-sharp nail art that we've seen on Instagram:

You can now flaunt your manicure while wearing gloves

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Can't give up your love for glitter? Go girly with an edge

We're living for this pink-to-purple gradient claws

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Here's a new way to accessorise

Go one step further by piercing your claws—how amazing are Blackpink's Jisoo's nails here?

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Pearl-studded nails are reinterpreted with panache here

While this isn't technically stiletto nails, the bold chrome claws are definitely Halloween-worthy

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The devil is in the details

For the modernist/minimalist

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It's not just gloves that you should be matching your nails to—this Miu Miu-inspired nail art is goals

Another fine example of referencing your footwear—albeit more subtly

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Go wild with prints 

Word of caution: keep these away from your eyes, face and even your Birkin

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