What to do at home: 5 Easy nail art ideas that don't require professional tools

What to do at home: 5 Easy nail art ideas that don't require professional tools

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Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: Instagram/Imarninails
Image: Instagram/_tinamaria

Nail art isn't all that daunting—all you need are household and beauty essentials to make your DIY endeavour a tad bit easier

Already spring-cleaned your beauty stash and took your third shower of the day? If this #MCO has got you feeling restless and missing your regular #TreatThyself manipedi sessions, not to worry. Dressing your nails up isn't that difficult for the nail art beginner—all you need are everyday essentials that are already lying around at home.

From toothpicks and bobby pins to sponges and Sharpie pens, these are some nifty tools of the (DIY) trade that you can utilise for your favourite nail ideas: 

#1: Work with what you already have

Got more than enough nail polishes from the same colour family for a tonal look? Bring it on. Wear a different colour for each nail for that monochromatic-chic look we're seeing on Instagram as of late. The best part about this? Fuss-free, and really, there's no better way to utilise your nail polishes all at one time

Psst: This doesn't just apply to colours from the same wheel—wear your pastels out to brighten up your mood.

#2: Sponge it up

This is great for glitter lovers and anyone's who big on gradient nail art. If there's one thing that our DIY nail sessions have taught us well, it's that the best way to rock glitter without resulting in an OTT, sparkly mess is to wear them on your tips. Also, a little subtlety can go a long way.

Drag the nail polish brush in a horizontal line over your nail tips and gently draw it upwards towards your nail bed to scatter glittery specks over the middle and top. If that doesn't work for you, coat a small piece of sponge with glitter nail polish in narrow strip, then press it over your tips—this tutorial best illustrates how to do it yourself.

#3: Use a toothpick

Toothpicks are perfect tools to create the daintiest of nail art such as hearts, stars, and the like. Drop two coloured dots on your nail with a toothpick, connect both in the middle, and pull it down to create a heart. More on this tutorial on making the subtlest of nail art motifs.

#4: Sharpies are great for metallic deets

Metallic stripes can be a pain to draw if you aren't very familiar with a nail brush, but if you've got a Sharpie lying around on your work station, you can just about create any nail art you want.

Paint your nails with a base colour first and let it dry completely before drawing fine lines with a Sharpie (gold or silver will work perfectly in this case). In case your lines get wonky, use rubbing alcohol on cotton pad to remove them before re-drawing. After you're done, spritz hairspray and wait for a few minutes to let the metallic lines dry.

#5: Bobby pins are your new nail brushes

Those dratted pins that you misplace so often are the easiest tools to use to create a variety of motifs on your nails. Whether cherries, retro-inspired polka dots, or even a leopard-print motif, bobby pins are actually handy to have if you don't have fine-tipped nail brushes at your perusal. Check this video tutorial out on how you can create seven different nail ideas.