Jennie's fiery tips

Matching neon flames to go with her eye makeup.

Jisoo's ultra-sharp claws

Spot the hint of colour on the sides of her digits.

Rosé's transparent acrylics

Statement-making without being over the top.

Lisa's geometric tips

Pristine white ballerina tips that are futuristic yet chic.

Sequins on sequins

Want something bedazzling? Take inspo from Lisa's latest manicure.

Cultural statement

Jisoo's Korean folk art-inspired nails are taking nail 'art' to a whole new level.


A befitting lewk for Rosé, who is the new Global Ambassador for Saint Laurent.

Neo-expressionism x street art

Kaws meets Jean-Michel Basquiat, as seen on Jennie's nails.

Pierced tips

Constellation piercings can't cut it for you? Try nail piercings with a stiletto shape, spotted on Jisoo.

French mani—with a twist

A modern take on a good ol' French manicure, as seen on Lisa.

On the grid

We're crushing on Jisoo's lipstick-shaped manicure—how cute are those Powerpuff Girls motifs?

Semi-precious stones

Can't decide between rose quartz or opal? Go with both—seen on Lisa.

Pearly outlines

Jennie's timeless pearl-studded nails are the epitome of girly chic.

Jisoo's heartfelt statement

Perfect for the next V-day/date night look.

Beary cute

Jennie's Care Bear motifs are too cute for words.

Jisoo's Kira-kira-ready nails

Amp up the bling factor with embellishments on top of a sequin base.

Jennie's summer-ready ombré

Give it a fresh spin with lipstick-shape tips.

Foiled it

Lisa's jelly nails are decorated with gold iridescent foil bits for an abstract effect.

Blinged out

Jennie kills it with the edgiest nail accessories, courtesy of Blackpink's go-to nail technician Park Eun-kyung.

Animal bling

If a regular leopard print isn't loud enough for you, make it sparkly with lots of glitter, as seen on Jisoo.

Understated pastels

Lisa wears summer shades with a subtle glittery finish here.

Rosé's wire work

When painted nail art is deemed too mainstream, wires are what you need.

Lisa's tropical digits

Half-and-half nails have never looked this good.

Holo diamonds

Jennie's jewel-toned nail art packs a punch here, from the 'faceted' texture to the sparkly iridescence.

Negative space

Lisa's ultra-mod nail art is making the most out of black nail polish.

Neon signs

Rosé's neon nail art is lit—we love how her other nails are kept simple to let the statement one take the spotlight.

This trippy look

Lisa's 'gold aurora' nail art is bowling us over—from the oil spill iridescence to the gold foil detailing.

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