Trending lash styles to try in 2023



By Low Sue Mae

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Trending lash styles to try in 2023

Lashes have come a long way since the uniform, heavy mink sets of 2015—here are five flattering lash styles that look fabulous on Asian eyes.

Makeup trends have largely gravitated towards minimalism this year—that is, enhancing your features while keeping your look as natural as possible. So, as expected, people have had to get creative with their lashes to add some intrigue back into their looks. Whether it’s manga lashes or spidery flutters, your lashes now have the power to make or break your look. 

There are basically three ways to perk up your lashes—with mascara, falsies or getting eyelash extensions. When it comes to what’s trendiest, it really depends on the results you’re looking for. We’ve rounded up five of the most popular lash styles of the year ahead, from cute to cool to timeless lashes that suit everyone. Need some new lash inspo for your next beauty appointment? Scroll down for more.


Korean lashes


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K-beauty trends never fail to impress. This first category is one of the Koreans’ favourite eyelash styles of the year, with countless idols and celebrities flaunting their “spidery lashes”. This style is a staple of your favourite unnis, emphasising the eyes without weighing them down thanks to the defined, fanned-out strands. 

To achieve this cute look, clump your upper and lower lashes into little groups before your mascara dries out. It does take some practice to nail down the technique, but the end product is definitely worth the effort. Alternatively, if you’re not adept with the method, find some lash strips in this shape or arrange individual lashes to recreate the look.


Anime lashes


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​​Are you a fan of manga or anime? If you are, this is the lash for you. This lash style is similar to the Korean lashes, but it has got a little more variation in the look. Specifically, it’s a little heavier, alternating between thick and thin clumps to create the look of your favourite ethereal anime characters. It can be as heavy or as light as you like, however, and it can be easily recreated with individual lashes or by your lash tech.


Angel lashes

A rising trend, especially in Western countries, these lashes are a go-to if you want ABG-inspired lashes that are actually flattering on Asian eyes. This style defines your lash line and helps shape your eyes for a more lifted look without adding too much weight to your natural lashes. It’s super easy to achieve through getting eyelash extensions or false lashes.


Wispy lashes


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This style is best suited for those who prefer a more textured and intense lash. It’s a more sultry take on an everyday, wearable lash, perfect for those looking to enhance their bedroom eyes. Your best bet for recreating the look is to employ the help of a good lash artist to help you achieve the best results.


Cat-eye/ Classic lashes

A classic favourite for its lifting effect on the eyes, it’s a universally flattering lash style for all eye shapes. It’s your best option if you want to get eyelash extensions but you’re new to the game.


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