Celebeauty: FKA Twigs shares a 'Magdalene' makeup tutorial, Pharrell is the latest celeb to launch a skincare brand

Celebeauty: FKA Twigs shares a 'Magdalene' makeup tutorial, Pharrell is the latest celeb to launch a skincare brand

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Alexa Chung channels 'Lolita', Halsey gets a neon buzzcut, and more celebrity beauty headlines from this week

This week is pretty exciting: We're getting full insight into Twigs' makeup inspiration, Pharrell is joining the skincare bandwagon (but we're actually looking forward to it), and the celebs have outdone themselves with the hair makeovers this week.

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This week in brand launches

Pharrell is the latest celebrity to launch a skincare line

If you've ever wondered how Pharrell's skin stays so flawless, you've just received your answer. The musician announced he was dropping a skincare line a few days ago, following in the footsteps of celebs like Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Alicia Keys.

Officially called Humanrace, the brand is born from the musician's long-standing love for skincare. Three products—a cleanser, exfoliant, and moisturiser—have been announced, and their development was allegedly consulted by Pharrell's own dermatologist, Elena Jones. Packaged in delightfully sustainable forest-green bottles, they are designed to fulfill the basic requirements of skincare—prepare, repair, and protect.

The line is due to drop on 25 November. Stay tuned.

This week in makeup

FKA Twigs takes us backstage with her MAGDALENE tour makeup tutorial

The celebrated musician has more than just a innate command of music—she's also has an incredible instinct for fashion and beauty which has allowed her to cultivate her super identifiable look. Celebrating the first anniversary of her sophomore album MAGDALENE, she took to Instagram to share a little behind-the-scenes look at her tour makeup from last year (pre-pandemic).

Makeup artist Daniel Sallstrom is the brain behind the creation of the look. "We wanted to do something that was big, bold, and dramatic, but would work with all nine costume changes," he says. "There are a lot of classical stage tricks with this makeup: The white in between the black lines make her eyes look so much bigger, the red cut crease that extends all the way back almost to her hairline, and the red Swarovski crystals to reflect the light."

On the look, Twigs explained: "On the second tour I had to do my own makeup, and coming from underground cabaret scenes in London I really loved this [look]. The smooth lines, the elongated features, sticking a thousand Swarovski crystals on my face—the makeup from The Red Shoes (1948) was the inspiration for Magdalene."

In Sallstrom's words, the look is a classic ballerina look with heavy 'Siouxsie and the Banshees' post-punk influences. We'll take three, please and thank you.

This week in hair

Halsey turns her buzzcut into a psychedelic wonder

The singer shared a snap of her über cool makeover on Instagram, flaunting the literal work of art that has been painted into her edgy buzzcut. With a vibrant palette of slime green, vivid yellow, and sky blue, it sure is a head turner.

We also love the colour co-ord she has going on her eyelids—the glittery green wash really ties the whole look together while the pinky-peach lip makes it wearable for every day. Just for kicks, here's her styling the buzz with a more Euphoria-inspired eye look.

Anyway, anyone know where to get bleach in this country? Asking for a friend.

Alexa Chung takes us back to 2012 with her #TBT post

Alexa Chung posted a TBT the other day, and boy did it throw us way back. The vintage-inspired milkmaid crown. The overly-heavy lower lash liner. The Zooey Deschanel-esque fringe layers. It's—dare we say—too much 2012 in one photo. According to her tongue-in-cheek caption, this look is Chung's unofficial audition for the namesake role in Lolita. 

Audition aside, this image is a pretty good testament to Chung's influence on 2010s-era Tumblr girls far and wide. Think back to how many moody blog posts featured girls with shockingly similar aesthetics. Bless them.

Sophia Lillis shows off her new bob

The It and I Am Not Okay With This star is known for her short, ginger pixie. We're rather fond of it—it's the perfect face-framer, and she pulls it off like no other.

With that in mind, it's understandable that this hair makeover came as quite a surprise. The only other time we've seen her with long tresses was in the first few scenes of It (2017), but even then she extensions used to create the look were quickly disposed of 15 minutes into screentime. Yes, we're being dramatic—it's just a bob. However, considering the pixie has been around since she came onto the scene, forgive us for needing a second to acclimate.

Regardless, we are loving this length on her, though we are missing her signature red (did you know she wasn't a natural ginger? We didn't!). Perhaps the next step in the Lillis hair book will be a trendy ice-blonde lob! 

JLo channels the spice girls with her polish space buns

Once again, celebrity stylist Chris Appleton has our jaws dropping—in fact, this could be one of his best works yet. JLo and space buns: That's all we have to say.

Well, actually, we could go on for hours about this absolutely certifiable look, but for your sake we'll keep it short. Firstly, the highlights are perfect as ever—the even blend, excellent placement, and perfect shade match makes the dye job so flattering on Lopez's skin tone. Next, the way Appleton has groomed Lopez's hair is giving us major '90s vibes; specifically, the middle part and the face-framing tendrils in combination with the adorable mini space-buns remind us heavily of the Spice Girls.

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It seems that the look is a firm fan favourite based on the comments—"Chris I'm begging please do my hair like this," one commenter pleads. Us too, Taylor Miller. Us too.

This week in nails

Megan Thee Stallion's bubblegum pink manicure wins mani-cute points

Want sugar and spice in one nail look? Megan Thee Stallion's bubblegum pink mani is just the look you're after. It's definitely one of Thee Stallion's more demure manicures to date, but it just goes to show that she can make anything a certified moment.

The sweet pink brings the sugar while the dramatic coffin-shaped lengths bring the spice. The best part? It's easily achievable at home! 

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