Valentine’s Day: 7 Celebrity makeup looks to stun your hun (and how to achieve them)


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Valentine’s Day: 7 Celebrity makeup looks to stun your hun (and how to achieve them)

Before gleaning some inspiration on your Vday makeup look, here are other nifty guides on where to go, what to wear, and how to style your hair for your date night this February 14:

Zendaya’s bronzed take on a classic red lip

You can’t go wrong with a bronzed glow and a bold red lip—Zendaya is romance incarnate with a head of romantic curls and a barely-there dress. To emulate the look, here’s a nifty tutorial below:

Lily James’ no-makeup makeup look

If date night is more on the low-key side, why not go makeup-free? Or at least, what your S.O. thinks is makeup free. Whether it’s a night time swim or a home-cooked dinner, a no-makeup makeup look is a winner—especially if you’re not keen on a full face. For guidance, peep the tutorial below:

Alexa Chung’s pretty in monochrome pink

Nothing quite screams romance and confident, flirty charisma like a face of bright monochrome pink. This en vogue makeup trend is made for anyone who’s a fan of a bold lip. To get the look, see Lisa Eldridge’s tutorial below:

Iris Law’s peachy glow

If pink isn’t quite your colour, you can still inspire romance with a peachy drape (it’s close enough to pink). In this look, Iris Law sports a subtle wash of peach along her eyes, cheeks and lips, pairing it with minimal liner and mascara and, of course, a flawless, sun-kissed base. See how to get a similar look with the tutorial below (skip the eye makeup if you’re feeling lazy):

Lily Aldridge’s glittery pink liner

You can’t possibly steer off-course when you have something pink and glittery on. Case in point, this graphic liner look is something straight out of a ‘Valentine’s date makeup ideas’ Pinterest board (we’d know). Lucky for us, celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo aka the brains behind the look shows us how to get it:

Florence Pugh’s bold bedroom eyes

Now, the hair and the outfit definitely adds to the romance factor with the look, but never underestimate the power of a bold, black winged liner on its own. Even with an otherwise bare face, a thick winged liner draws the attention to your peepers and instantly brightens them. Switch it up by smoking the wing out or adding a pop of colour in the inner corner—the possibilities? Endless. If you’re keen on getting catty, heed Jessica Vu’s advice:

Debbie Harry’s tasteful pink eye and red lip (sans the conjunctivitis)

In this infamous shoot with the late Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry shows us how to do the ’80s right. We’ve seen a monochrome pink look from Alexa and a red lip from Zendaya, but who said you couldn’t have the best of both worlds? Live your best life and emulate the look below:

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