3 Ways to add cute gems to your everyday look

Sparkled and bedazzled


By Low Sue Mae

3 Ways to add cute gems to your everyday look

Want to try something new with your makeup? Here are some trendy ways to elevate your looks with rhinestones.

Yes, another Y2K trend is back (and better than ever!) for 2023. If you are a 90s baby, you have probably bedazzled yourself with rhinestones at one point in your life. And, just like in the early noughties, you’ll have seen rhinestones crop up on everything from your baby tees to your purses and even your sunglasses this year. Now, they’ve taken the beauty realm by storm, decorating the eyes, hair, and even teeth of the true Y2K revivalists.


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Celebrities and influencers have also taken on the trend, spicing up their beauty looks both on and off stage. K-pop sensation Jennie Kim took to Coachella’s stage with a gem-encrusted eye look while Pop Princess Dua Lipa has gone the extra mile with her diamond tooth gems. That aside, influencers all over social media are also sharing fun DIY ways to incorporate rhinestones into their makeup looks and let us just say, we’re obsessed. Best thing about this trend? There is really no wrong way to do it!

Want to try it for yourselves? Here are three ways that we have found for you to hop onto the rhinestone trend.

Bling up your eyes…


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Make way coloured eyeliners, rhinestones are here. These little gems have been used as a part of stage makeup for K-pop celebrities for the longest time but you don’t have to be performing to add sparkle to your look. Try replacing your eyeliner with rhinestones, using the jewels to mimic the shape of your usual eyeliner to achieve an out-of-the ordinary look. If you have a Y2K themed party or festival coming up, this is definitely something you should try.

Bedazzle your hair…


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It’s edgy, dreamy and retro all at once. You would need help from a tool for this look—the hair bedazzler. This funky throwback hair tool allows you to directly stamp rhinestones on your hair, so you can relive your youth and add some intrigue to your strands. If you do not have a tool, you can also stick on rhinestones at the edges or your hairline. Both ways are equally great to nail the ethereal Euphoria vibe.

Add a twinkle to your teeth…

A professional whitening is not the only way to “brighten” up your teeth. Tooth gems have been trending for a while now, with local dental clinics and independent businesses popping up to help you to customise your own set. Each set usually lasts around six months or longer, depending on how well you care for them. Do keep in mind that it is recommended to seek professional advice and do your research if you want to get tooth gems to make sure that you’re going somewhere reputable. 



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