Your guide to the top hair and colour trends that will rule this summer


By Wei Yeen Loh

Your guide to the top hair and colour trends that will rule this summer

Just last month, we had the chance to take a closer look at Schwarzkopf Pro’s Essential Looks Collection for Spring/Summer 2019 at the brand’s hair congress in Beijing, and one major takeaway gleaned from the event was that it’s all about self-expression this season. With creative freedom comes a plethora of authentic individuality, and no singular trend can serve as a benchmark of an outstanding look.

“We see Essential Looks as a guideline and not a mandate. Anything and everything goes, as long as you feel good,” says Simon Ellis, Schwarzkopf Professional International Creative Director. “Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder. Followers and likes are not the benchmark here—you are.”

From edgy, varied lengths to multi-tonal hues for extra dimension, this season’s hair and colour trends are about to make a statement so bold that you can’t unsee:



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What: “Feminine Active”—think a street-style look that you can wear from the sidewalk to the catwalk

How: Inspired by the versatility of the athleisure trend but with a dash of femininity, this hair trend is characterised by an “undone” look that stands out in its simplicity. It allows you to go from one place to another in effortless ease—whether from the office to the club—without having to radically transform your locks.

Make it your own: Opt for the chop with a short bob that grazes your ear lobes. Keep the styling minimal, but make up for it with an edgy twist of colour. But if taking off a couple of inches is too daring a move for you, try an off-the-shoulder cut with a sleek finish, in shades of gold and copper to let your tresses shine.



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What: “Luxe Vibe”—the ’80s is back in all its glory and so are the hair trends that dominated during the heyday

How: Looking glamorous is key here, while everything else is amplified, from the volume (major) to the hair contouring (bring on the balayage). Rock big hair with confidence and charisma without eschewing comfort. The motto: work the look with razzle and dazzle and plenty of hairspray.

Make it your own: Pull off a faux quiff if you dare to—shoulder-length locks would work well for this catwalk look. Hints of sandy blond and strawberry give it a luxe effect. Alternatively, keep longer hair layered with bouncy styling. Flowing waves give your crown a voluminous effect, while the It-colour for this is a brunette base with seamless gold highlights.



What: “Self-made youth”—embrace a never-say-never, adventurous attitude when it comes to the snazziest hair trends

How: Non-followers and next-gen influencers, this one’s for you. Break the mould by making your own trend instead of jumping on the bandwagon. Go with traffic-stopping lengths that don’t fall under the conventional category—we’re talking choppy texturised edges that look self-styled, complemented with clashing colour that takes self-expression to a whole other level.

Make it your own: This round yet choppy ‘do brings new meaning to party-at-the-back hairstyles. Instead of an ombré colour effect, opt for bold tips (this yellow hue works wonders with the vibrant blonde base) to face the frame delicately. The short layers at the back serve to add depth and texture to the overall effect.

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