Iris Law shows us three new ways to wear blush


By Redzhanna Jazmin

Iris Law shows us three new ways to wear blush

If anyone was going to revamp the blush game, it would be Iris Law. The model has built an impressive career for herself, garnering over 440k followers on Instagram and a fair share of brand deals. She’s more than just a stunning face, though; she also has a keen creative eye, especially when it comes to makeup.

Law is no stranger to a full face (especially when it calls for a cat-eye), though she’s usually seen with the bare minimum. That said, a quick scroll through her Instagram shows that her everyday look is usually some iteration of a bold lip and matching blush.

The twist? Law’s ‘the less, the better‘ approach means she experiments with her application to keep her look fresh. Needless to say, there are some very fun results. Behold: Iris Law teaches us three new ways to wear blush (and look great).

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Get the sun-kissed look, sans the sun

In this look, Law teaches us an easy way to get our skin looking sun-rosy without the risk of skin cancer. Simply swipe the blush of your choice lightly along the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose and blend (swipe for her visual).

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We recommend using a cream or liquid blush as you will have more control over your application, as well as a more natural finish.

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The model has stated that she often uses her lipstick as both a lip colour and a blush to keep her look coherent. This is perfect for those of you who either need a touch-up on the go or who are looking to cut the weight on your travel beauty bags.

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Channel your inner doll

iris law blush

Who says blush needs to look natural? If it’s good enough for the German porcelain doll in your childhood bedroom, it’s good enough for you.

All jokes aside, this take on the everyday blush is a super cute way to switch up your routine without crossing the line from quirky to bizarre. To get the look, simply focus your blush on the apples of your cheeks, blending sparingly.

TIP: If you want more lift in your face, don’t smile while you apply your blush! Instead, keep a straight face and look dead ahead. Then, place your blush in the centre of your cheeks (where the cheekbones end). This way, you’ll get more of a lift in your face when you do smile!

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We find that a liquid blush works best for this as it tends to dry down quicker—yes, the less blendable quality of most liquid lip-to-cheek tints are actually a plus for this look.

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The ‘hangover blush’ actually looks great

Seemingly inspired by Japanese Igari makeup (also known as drunk or hangover makeup), this style of blush is effectively a more intense version of her ‘sunkissed’ look.

Rather than a modest streak running from cheekbone-to-cheekbone, your blush should cover the entirety of your cheeks and nose, giving your face the very flush you’d expect after a glass of wine (depending on your alcohol tolerance).

If you’d like to achieve the same dewy finish seen on Law in the second slide, we recommend you (again) use a cream or liquid blush. However, if you’re happy to mattify, this is the perfect opportunity to get your money’s worth out of your powder palettes!

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Bonus blush tip: Don’t be afraid to play!


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Though we did just give you a few tips that don’t cross the line from quirky to bizarre, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little crazy. Don’t look it up, but we have it on good authority that looking like a 5-year-old who has dipped into mum’s beauty stash is actually very in right now.

In all seriousness, though there are theories to makeup, there are no solid rules. Ultimately, having fun and experimenting with your look is the beauty of the art. Throw on some glitter or get drawing! Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and get a little wild (especially since the MCO is looking more and more permanent).

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