7 Beauty blunders to avoid if you’re planning an outdoor wedding

Mother nature can be cruel...


By Redzhanna Jazmin

7 Beauty blunders to avoid if you’re planning an outdoor wedding

Planning a beach wedding? Or a garden party reception? Don’t leave your beauty routine too late—here are all the beauty blunders you need to avoid before your big day.

Are you tying the knot soon? Congratulations! We bet you’re going to be the most beautiful, blushing bride. Wait, what’s that? Your wedding is outdoors? And you haven’t thought about the logistics of your beauty look for the day? Oh dear, that simply will not do.

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Bridal beauty is stressful enough as is, but when you add the obstacle of an outdoor wedding into the mix, it’s a straight-up nightmare. It’s all good and well when you’ve got the air-conditioning blasting directly at you during your vows or your reception—but if you’re taking your ceremony out to the garden or, God forbid, the beach, your beauty routine needs a total overhaul.

Ahead, we’re delving into the beauty blunders you need to dodge if you’re throwing an outdoor wedding, from skipping the trial run to giving yourself an accidental cake face:

PS: Even if you’re just a guest attending an outdoor wedding, you’ll still want to take notes too!


Bridal Beauty Blunder #1: Not doing a test drive

We can’t stress this enough: Whether you’re getting your hair and makeup professionally done or you’re doing it yourself, it’s imperative to do a test run before your big day. You can set up a trial with your hair and makeup artist or before your big day just to make sure 1) you’re getting exactly what you’ve asked for, and 2) it’s going to last throughout the day in the same conditions.

Basically, it’s your chance to test your look’s longevity and really put it through the wringer—if you’re going to be in your garden at midday when you say “I do”, make sure you’re heading out to the exact spot and seeing how your face fares in the environment. If it lasts, make no changes. If it doesn’t, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and workshop the details until you get it right.


Bridal Beauty Blunder #2: Wearing too much makeup


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If your wedding is outdoors, a heavy base is your worst enemy. Think about it this way—not only will you be sweating, but you’ll be sweating away a thick layer of foundation and skin prep. Trust us when we say that there is absolutely no amount of powder that will help you fare against Malaysia’s tropical climate all day long. Really, you could be doing everything right—hydrating skin prep, mattifying primer and powder—but once the grease escapes your pores, it’s over for your beauty beat.

The last thing you want is a separated base, which is why you should keep your foundation and concealer as light as possible. Especially in the case of beach weddings, try to apply your base in very thin layers, or better yet, stick to just concealer where you absolutely need it. This way, you’ll be able to powder throughout the day without caking and minimise the risk of your natural oils breaking down your bridal look.

Of course, if you need fuller coverage, it is possible, but just be prepared for many, many touch-ups. Which brings us to our next point…


Bridal Beauty Blunder #3: Caking the powder on


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We understand the temptation to cake the powder on when you’re fighting for your life against the sweltering tropics, but we urge you to hold back. While the philosophy is substantiated, it’s also a one-way street to cake-face—a phenomenon we’re sure you’ll want to avoid on the most important day of your life.

Instead of going heavy with your powder, carry around some blotting papers. They are absolutely indispensable, wicking away excess grease and shine without disturbing your makeup too much. Plus, should you still need a little top-up after, they prevent the dreaded cakey finish by removing any oil that could congeal with your powder.


Bridal Beauty Blunder #4: Using the wrong products


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Picture this: You feel more beautiful than ever. Your bridal makeup is everything you could have dreamed of and then some. Everyone keeps telling you how gorgeous you look and how happy they are for you. Really, you’re overwhelmed with the love—so overwhelmed that you feel a few tears escape your eyes. It’s then that you spot them… your bridesmaids. They’re trying to keep their cool, but you already know what has happened. Your makeup has run. Your mascara has streaked down your face, leaving a messy trail of black and beige in its wake. You run to the nearest mirror to assess the damage, and it’s bad. That’s when the full waterworks break loose. You’re a mess!

Do you know what would have saved you the embarrassment? A waterproof mascara. And, while you’re at it, a waterproof eyeliner and a budge-proof eyeshadow primer would also be a good idea for your big day. Just saying.

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Bridal Beauty Blunder #5: Skipping the SPF

You may have heard that SPF foundations are a no-go during weddings. This is true—the SPF in your foundations can cause flashback with flash photography, which will make you look more Corpse Bride than blushing bride. That said, if you’re throwing an outdoor bash, SPF is still non-negotiable. If there’s sun anywhere nearby, you need to keep your skin protected—after all, the last thing you want is a nasty, tomato-red burn on your face and body when you’re supposed to be celebrating the love between you and your partner.

Our best tip is to opt for chemical sunscreens—you see, the dreaded flashback effect is caused by the physical sunscreen filters zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Both are finely powdered white minerals that primarily work by reflecting sun rays to protect the skin. It’s this reflective quality that causes the flashback effect. They tend to be the filter of choice in foundations, which is why SPF foundations are generally a no-go. Chemical sunscreens, on the other hand, work primarily by absorbing the sun’s rays and converting the energy into heat. This means that they do not reflect light, and therefore keep you protected without the risk of making you look ghostly.


Bridal Beauty Blunder #6: Ignoring the weather

We cannot stress this enough: If you’re throwing a wedding outdoors, you need to look at the weather forecast. Then, once you’ve worked out whether you’re up against rain or shine, you can plan for disaster anyway. The reality is that outdoor weddings tend to be unpredictable, so it’s best to have a contingency plan in case it starts showering.

Here are some general weather-accommodating beauty tips you may want to consider:

  • Have an umbrella somewhere nearby | You don’t want a brief shower (or a surprise storm) to ruin your hair and makeup.
  • Keep some wet wipes on hand | Sweaty situations lead to stinky armpits, and wet wipes are a must-have in a pinch.
  • Carry a fan (or get someone in your bridal party to do it for you!) | A portable electric fan or hand-held fan is the best way to beat the heat and preserve your serve. Even the most resilient brides are bound to go red in the face after five hours of heat!
  • Hold on to some tissues | They’ll come in handy when you’re dabbing away your sweat. PS: When you need to dry off some tears, make sure you’re dabbing, not wiping!
  • Pack a silk translucent powder | TIP: You can use the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Powder to touch up shine throughout the day, or disperse it through your hair after styling to protect your locks against frizz-inducing humidity!


Bridal Beauty Blunder #7: Overlooking the touch-up kit


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The touch-up kit is arguably the most important beauty essential to have handy on your big day. You see, if anything goes wrong—whether it’s your makeup running, your face sweating or your lipstick fading—the touch-up kit should be there to fix it all. Lucky for you, we’ve already put together a foolproof guide of everything you need to bring with you…

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That just about covers it. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you get married and that you’re happy. Things aren’t always going to be absolutely perfect, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. Either way, we’re sure you’ll look beautiful, and we hope these little tips will go a long way in helping you stay stress-free when you should be basking in the glow of newlywed joy. Happy nuptials, everyone!


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