Not big on DIY manicures? Try nail wraps—they’re easier and gentler on your nails


By Marissa Chin

Not big on DIY manicures? Try nail wraps—they’re easier and gentler on your nails

Not keen on going to the nail salon just yet while we’re still in the midst of a pandemic? If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your nails at home but don’t have the patience to wait for paint to dry, nail wraps and stickers have emerged as the fuss-free, quick and low maintenance solution for many—paste, cut and buff, that’s it!

Not only are there a plethora of different designs and styles to choose from to suit your taste, some of them can be used multiple times and are gentler on your nail beds. Here are some nail wrap brands you should check out now:

Nails Gone Wild

Nails Gone Wild‘s press-on gel nails are all hand-painted, rewearable (it comes with 3M adhesive gel tabs to ensure they adhere well to your nails) and easy on the nails and nail beds. If you love the idea of nail stickers but want something more exclusive, personalise your very own press-on nails instead! The brand offers customisation options—from nail shapes to a variety of colours and textures—that would come in handy for special occasions and events.

It’s Dainty

This Malaysian-based brand has nail wraps just like its name suggests—dainty and elegant. If you’re looking for feminine floral designs, It’s Dainty offers an array of these (for a Mother’s Day promotional sale!). They are relatively new so their library of designs may not be the most extensive but what they have so far looks promising. Their nail stickers can last up to 10 days and be removed with just soaking your hands in warm water (as most nail wraps are).

Nail Wrap.Co

From intricate geometric designs, neon pop colors to muted marble hues, you will definitely find something from this popular Singaporean company to suit your fancy. Each kit purchased also comes with a mini nail file and a cuticle pusher stick to achieve the perfect manicured look. All their nail wraps also come in 16 different sizes to fit every nail shape.

Nailed It by Thea

Got a soft spot for Pinterest-worthy abstract designs but finding it difficult to recreate it on your nails? Stick ’em on with Nailed It’s ultra-chic nail wraps—designs run the gamut from every shade of nude to spring-ready blooms. Worldwide shipping is available for orders above SGD$50.

Wrap It Nails

For something more youthful and energetic, check out Wrap It Nails that has all the vibrant colours and trendy designs for the everyday millennial—their abstract line art collection and shiny glitter collections are popular hits judging from several sold out designs. They also offer kid sizes so you can do them together with your little ones.


At nearly 13,000 followers on Instagram, Nodspark is arguably the most popular nail wrap brand in Singapore with an extensive range of designs. Like their company motto suggests, no woman is fully dressed without a beautiful set of nails and Nodspark is here to provide you with all the wardrobe essentials you need for your nails. Enjoy their best-selling collections of warm earthy tones overlayed with simple line art, frosty glitters with understated shimmers and abstract negative space designs for some added pizazz.

Emmezing Nails

If you usually go all-out with your nails and have a loud personality to boot, then these nail stickers from Emmezing Nails will be perfect for you as they speak volumes. They do not shy away from extravagant and glamorous designs that will have people staring at your nails. Such designs include their adorable food series collection that is inspired by local breakfast favourites, kuih-muih and mooncakes. If you don’t feel like being decked out in food motifs at the moment, they also offer mesmerising marble swirls and tribal patterns incorporating sparkly shimmers.

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