BURO Beauty Stash: 5 Malaysian beauty products we’ve been loving in 2023

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

BURO Beauty Stash: 5 Malaysian beauty products we’ve been loving in 2023

Ahead of Merdeka this 31 August, this month’s BURO Beauty Stash highlights five local beauty essentials you’ll want to shop for better hair, skin, and lips!

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Get Set Serum Moisturiser, RM128


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“I’ve been really into hybrid products recently, and this serum-moisturiser is one I keep going back to. I’ve got combination skin, so I prefer to keep my routine to the bare minimum in the morning and save the rich stuff for bedtime. With that in mind, this product has been my go-to under sunscreen. Made with brightening and regenerating 51 per cent kale extract, gently exfoliating PHAs, and the ultra-hydrating HyalOcta hyaluronic acid complex, it’s my go-to lightweight moisturiser for the day.

“It delivers the exact right amount of hydration to my skin, tackling any dry flakes and texture on my skin to prep my complexion for a lovely, even base before sunscreen and primer. Plus, it leaves me dewy and glowing without having me look greasy, and keeps my skin feeling nice, soothed, and plumped all day. All it takes is two to three pumps for me to adequately cover my face and neck, and I’m left with clearer, smoother skin. I do also like that, should my skin need the extra boost, that it doubles as a serum under my night creams!”— Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor



Lumi Beauty

Cica Calming Moisture Mask, RM65

“Working in beauty, constantly switching up my routine is just part of the job. Unfortunately, it can have some pretty dire consequences on my skin. Whether it’s breakouts, redness, or irritation, not every product plays well with me, which is why I’ve been loving these face masks.

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“Infused with the famously soothing and skin-healing Centella Asiatica extract, brightening and toning liquorice root extract and antioxidant-rich citrus peel extract, it’s a multitasking, once-weekly ritual that helps to reset my skin and stave off any adverse reactions. Whenever I have a flare-up, I slap one of these bad boys on, leave it to work for around 20 minutes and tap in the excess serum once the timer runs out. My skin immediately looks brighter and more even and feels softer.” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor



B&B Labs

Ceramides Boosting Moisture Cream 50g, RM220

“While we’re on the topic of depleted skin barriers and irritation, this moisturiser has been a staple for bad skin days. The thick and luxurious formulation is infused with shea butter, ceramides and B&B Labs’ fruit-derived pre- and probiotic E-Cology Plus+ complex. Essentially, it has been designed to fortify and soothe dry and sensitive skin. I’ve been loving this for the evenings as a night moisturiser—a small amount goes a really long way, and it layers really well with other products in my evening routine. It leaves me feeling moisturised until the next day (even with my A/C on at full blast overnight!) but doesn’t make my skin feel congested or overly greasy.

“I will say that it’s a bit too heavy for me to use during the daytime, especially layered with sunscreen and makeup. That said, if you have dry skin as opposed to combination skin like me, I think you could definitely make this work for you! There are also two other options in this microbiome-friendly range—the Pomegranate Intense Hydration Cream for dehydrated skin and the Burdock Oil Control gel for acne-prone and oily skin.” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor


Velvet Vanity

Glossy Glo Lip Oil, RM49

“Lip oils really popped off in the last year, and I’ve made it a personal mission to try each and every one I can get my hands on. Velvet Vanity’s Glossy Glo Lip Oils recently received a little makeover and reformulation, and I’ve had the pleasure of wear-testing all four shades.

“Right off the bat, it looks beautiful on the lips, delivering a very subtle tint to my pout and enviable shine. My shade of choice is the sold-out Coffee Run, which gives me the perfect cool orange tint to my lips. I also love how comfortable it feels; nourishing and hydrating without the stickiness of a traditional gloss. The doe-foot applicator also deserves a special mention—it has a little divet in the bottom of the wand that picks up exactly the right amount of product for your whole lips. It’s clear that a lot of thought has been put into the product, from how it feels to how it was packaged.

“That said, I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the scent. Personally, I find that it’s a little too sickly sweet for me, though it does wear off soon enough so it’s not a huge turn-off for me. All in all, I love how the lip oil looks and wears over the day!” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor



Siobhan Handcrafts

100% Natural Amino Acid Shampoo Bar HeShouWu and Rosemary 65g, RM25.90

“This small-batch, handmade-in-Malaysia cosmetics brand recently made its rounds on TikTok, where this product has gone viral. Formulated with strengthening panthenol, moisturising amino acids and soothing castor oil, it promises to aid with hair growth, lustre and strength. The rosemary shampoo bar has garnered countless positive reviews, with customers citing thicker, longer and healthier hair with consistent use. On top of that, a few friends of mine have been absolutely raving about their own results.

“For context, I have relatively thick hair, but it’s not very dense. Plus, I have two very thin spots on the sides of my hair that have been there since I was born. Worse yet, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a decline in the rate of growth of my hair and fewer baby hairs around my hairline. So, of course, I couldn’t resist trying it out. The verdict?

“I’m honestly impressed with the results! Not only have I noticed some baby hairs growing back in, but I’ve noticed more oomph in my roots and much less frizz in general. I’ve only been using this for just under two months, so the results aren’t exactly drastic, but I’m excited to see how it progresses over time.” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor



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