Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask is what you need to add to your mask stash, stat


By Wei Yeen Loh

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask is what you need to add to your mask stash, stat

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Laneige’s iconic Water Sleeping Mask, you might just be elated to learn that the Korean beauty brand has a brand new addition to its sleeping mask repertoire that you should swipe from the shelf come September.

The new Cica Sleeping Mask is made with Korea’s buzziest skincare ingredient right now: centella asiatica, or cica, as the name indicates. But cica isn’t the only ingredient that gives this sleeping mask an edge.

“The new Cica Sleeping Mask is made for those with dry, sensitive and easily-irritated skin. The ingredient that sets it apart from the original mask is Forest Yeast,” says Camiellia Choo, Laneige Training Manager. “This patented ingredient is sourced from the Gotjawal, a relatively untouched forest in Jeju Island, and it is known to have regenerative properties to strengthen and nourish the skin barrier while sleeping.”

The Cica Sleeping Mask is also packed with moisturising ingredients like shea butter, squalane, panthenol and glycerin, which is perfect for those who need some serious hydration downtime for their skin. Ahead, we gleaned more beauty tips from Laneige’s Training Manager on how you can make the most out of your sleeping mask, and be prepared to wake up with a glass-skin glow:

What’s the best way to recover dull and fatigued skin?

CC: “Sleep, sleep and more sleep. Getting a good night’s sleep can beat using expensive or many different skincare products. One of the reasons why your skin isn’t recovering well is because you’re not sleeping during the golden hour.

The golden sleeping hours fall between 10pm to 3am—our organs work the best during this time and they’re not going to the job properly if you’re still awake. You need to factor in one hour to fall into deep sleep, and at 11pm, your gallbladder starts repairing cellular cells and building blood cells. At 1am, your liver starts to detox toxins in your body as well as blood.

Missing the golden sleeping hours will result in dull, fatigued skin and you’d feel more tired (even if you’ve clocked in eight hours of sleep).”

What are some tips on masking that you can share?

CC: “Applying the mask on a well-cleansed and prepared skin is important to ensure the mask’s efficacy doesn’t go to waste. Always prep skin with toner to soften it before applying the mask. Toner also helps to remove remaining residue on the skin before the mask goes on it.

I love using the Cica Sleeping Mask with Laneige’s Cream Skin Refiner for glowing skin the next morning. Using the right toner or skin refiner will prep the skin’s surface to readily absorb the mask better.”

What other tips would you suggest to get brighter, glowing skin?

CC: “I suggest to soak your cotton pad with toner, peel three to four layers off the cotton pad, then apply it allover your face. Leave it on for five minutes and you’ll find your skin brighter and clearer.

If you have dry skin, you can try out the 7-step toner method, which is essentially applying seven layers of toner on your skin (first by cotton pad, followed by your fingers in tapping motion) before masking. Skip the essence and serum if you’re opting for the 7-step toner method.”

If I have oily/combination skin, can I use Laneige’s Cica Sleeping Mask?

CC: “Use it twice a week if you have oily skin. Apply a thin layer of mask over your face as it is quite rich. The tea tree oil in the formula has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to fight blemishes. If you have dry skin, you can use it everyday. This mask is also great to calm skin down and reduce redness after facials or skin treatments.”

What are your thoughts on multi-masking or combining the sleeping mask with other products for better results?

CC: “For sleeping masks, you don’t really need to multi-mask. However, you can combine it with ampoules or face oils for added efficacy—mix the ampoules or a few drops of face oil with the sleeping mask before applying on your skin. I would recommend Laneige’s Amino Acid or Panthenol Ampoules for better skin results.”

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask retails for RM135 (60ml); available September 2019 at all Laneige beauty counters and boutiques nationwide

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