These Instagrammers ONLY post about face masks and we’re loving their honest reviews


By Wei Yeen Loh

These Instagrammers ONLY post about face masks and we’re loving their honest reviews

Describe a therapeutic #selfcare session and we could list three things that you absolutely need: an extremely promising face mask, a glass of wine, and a good book—all in that order. Packing some major goodness to your skin in the form of an excellent face mask is the best kind of respite you can afford yourself, especially if you only have the last few hours of the evening to really unwind.

Nothing beats that glow (inside and outside) you get (or feel) the moment you peel off a sheet mask from your face. It’s no wonder that a small crop of beauty Instagrammers are dedicating their feed to solely face masks. From real-life mask addicts to closeted beauty lovers, these mask-ed crusaders are worth a follow if you have trouble deciding on which face mask to score for your next self-care sesh:

Mask Addict

San Francisco-based skincare lover Anna Yu has been posting mask reviews on Instagram since 2015, and her goal is to try and review as many sheet masks as she can. We can’t get enough of her lengthy yet honest reviews that cover all the details you need to know about a good mask, from material and fit to active ingredients.

The Mask Archive

Australian-based beauty ‘grammer The Mask Archive keeps it real with her masking reviews—in her towel-wrap hair and bare skin, no less. Each post/review includes five slides—a picture of the mask she’s about to review, two images of her review (in text), a time-lapse video of her masking session and a final video of her post-making face. Talk about #consistencyiskey.


Elaine from Maskepedia is also a beauty blogger by day and her site is one to bookmark if you’re looking for a complete guide to masking—whether it’s filtering out the options to score the perfect mask for your skin type and budget or learning how to properly prep for and applying a sheet mask.

Feed Her Face

Self-proclaimed mask-obsessed New Yorker Natalie Lennox’s face mask diary is what you gotta get on, stat, for a few good reasons. Her reviews are fuss-free—a selfie with the mask and the said mask she’s trying out, coupled with an unbiased review in 200 words or less.

Masking for Trouble

Actress Lauren Adams of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has a penchant for trying out face masks of all sorts and we are obsessed with her candid reviews in photos and videos—no filter, no special lighting, plus her 1-to-5 #sssssmokin ratings she give each mask.

Honorary mentions include:

The Beauty Happens

Tinja’s pristine beauty feed is all things skincare-related but her sheet mask reviews are informative to boot, especially her sheet mask empties that are short, sweet and snappy for you to soak up information on-the-go.

Mask Habit

For the occasional masking meme and the best angles of your face to snap when you’re wearing even the most unphotogenic masks, follow Mask Habit for the most glorified self-care shots (because there’s no shame in mask addiction).

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