How to get fab blowouts spotted on Victoria’s Secret Angels

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By Wei Yeen Loh

How to get fab blowouts spotted on Victoria’s Secret Angels

You’ve caught the highlights of the Victoria’s Secret 2017 show, who performed that night, and even a firsthand account courtesy of local influencer Venice Min. But what we definitely couldn’t miss? Their perfectly styled locks, evidently—blown to perfection, voluminous from every angle, and envy inducing at the very least.

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with all Victoria’s Secret Angels (apart from the obvious, of course), it’s likely their photo-worthy hair. Limp, straight locks aren’t quite their scene—the more bounce, the better. At the show last week, beachy waves were rife on the runway, but this time with a twist. According to GHD Global Ambassador Adam Reed: “It’s a modern, luxe wave this year; more luxe and dressed than before. It’s a move on the from the undone beach wave of the past, to something more structured and beautiful.”


With the help of GHD’s bestsellers, here is how you can ace the look:

1. A good blow-dry is essential to set the hair before curling it with a tong. Blow-dry hair smoothly using GHD Air Hairdryer and GHD Ceramic Vented Radial Brush in Size 4.

2. Once hair is blow-dried, spritz it with GHD Curl Hold Spray and use GHD Curve Classic Curl Tong throughout the hair to create waves. Curl small sections of hair around the tong, and wrap hair in one direction (away from the face). This will give a beautiful, modern yet voluminous wave.

3. Brush through hair with GHD Paddle Brush and then gently shake the curls out using your fingers for a tousled finish.

4. Lastly, keep your locks in place by spraying GHD Final Fix Hairspray all over—and you are good to go!

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