9 Hand creams for baby-soft skin

9 Hand creams for baby-soft skin

Come in hand-y

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Your hands are one of the most overlooked areas of your body that are under-moisturised — nourish them with these nine luxe hand creams

From double-tapping to doing the dishes, your hands are (not surprisingly) in constant contact with various elements that can be harmful and drying. Not to mention, each time you wash your hands with hand soap, you are actually stripping away the natural oils from your skin—no clues as to why your fingers are cracking and painful right after. If you aren't a fan of slathering on overly-greasy hand creams to protect your skin, just think of all the benefits that come with, including petal soft skin, zero chapping, no more stinging sensations the next time you're rinsing your hands—need we say more? In defense of one of the oft-overlooked limbs on your body, shop nine hand creams and balms here that you can chuck into your everyday bag:


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