The neck-to-toe body guide to ensure your skin is in tiptop condition
The skin under your face is also, *surprise surprise*, skin! Your skin health greatly reflects the way you treat it—yes, especially all those times you mindlessly picked
on your nails and cuticles.

Below, the lowdown on how you can
truly take care of your entire body:
The neck is one of the first parts of the body to show your age—not to mention, one of the most neglected areas that deserves more TLC than you think. The face usually takes precedence when it comes to getting lovingly attended to with anti-ageing serums and the like, but the neck is one important spot you don't want to miss out on.

Extend sunscreen to your neck to prevent dark spots and hyperpigmentation; and don't forget the back of your neck while you're at it. Opt for SPF50+ or more if you're outdoors most of the time. Be sure to look out for ingredients that help with age delay and hydration—from antioxidants and peptides to hyaluronic acid and shea butter.

Tip: Massage skincare onto your neck with sweeping motions upwards. Ensure that your strokes are firm, and repeat for at least six times. Alternatively, use a gua sha tool to scrape your jawline to earlobe, and from your collarbone upwards.
Name one overworked and under-indulged anatomy of your body and an easy answer would be your hands. From constantly tapping away on the phone to labouring away on house chores, your hands could use all the nourishing it needs.

Swap harsh hand soaps for gentle ones without alcohol and sulfates. Look out for ceramides, glycerine, and jojoba oil in hand creams and lotions. Also, make it a point to dab cuticle oil around your nails every night before heading to bed.

Got dark patchy elbows? Scrub away dead skin cells once or twice a week with crushed sugar and coconut oil. Finish with a dollop of rich hand cream.

Tip: Don't miss out on SPF for your hands. Use a hand cream with SPF50+ or opt for a body sunscreen to follow up after your hand moisturiser.
Newsflash: If your face is prone to breakouts, your back will likely bear the brunt as well. But the good news is that you can treat it the same way you treat your face acne.

Whether it's excess sebum or a build-up of dead skin cells, your back is susceptible to flare-ups if you aren't careful. Always towel off after a sweaty workout, and shower right after to prevent bacteria from thriving.

Use a shower wash that has alpha or beta hydroxy acids, and gently exfoliate the back on a weekly basis. Avoid using a loofah or harsh exfoliators as that can cause skin inflammation. For stubborn zits, use a spot treatment with retinol, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid and remember not to pick/squeeze it!

Tip: Try to keep your hair off your back as much as possible. Masks, conditioners, and styling products have pore-clogging ingredients that might attribute
to bacne.
Butt care is the new back care and if there's anything more pampering than a full-body scrubdown-and-lotion combo, it's a special treat for your tush.

Stretch marks and cellulite the bane of your behind? Exfoliate with ingredients such as ground coffee to improve blood circulation and accelerate cellular repair. Follow up with a rich cream made of butters (shea, avocado and cocoa) and Vitamin E.

Tip: Let your coffee scrub sit for a few minutes after exfoliating to ensure the caffeine sinks into your skin and works its magic.
Make your pins your best asset before donning that minidress. For those who shave their legs, prep with a hot shower pre-shaving to open your pores and soften the skin, then follow with a glycolic-acid exfoliator to prevent the growth of ingrown hairs.

If cracked heels and callused soles are your biggest dilemma, try soaking your feet in a warm foot bath with bath salts for 15 minutes, then use a pumice stone to slough away dead skin cells.

Always remember to moisturise with a foot/heel cream and wear cotton socks before tucking in (to lock in the moisture).

Tip: Fake that Insta-ready glow with a body bronzer or shimmer to give your limbs a leggier, leaner look.
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