13 Biggest beauty trends that took 2019 by storm


By Redzhanna Jazmin

13 Biggest beauty trends that took 2019 by storm

2019 has shaped up to be a big year for beauty with trends popping up left, right and centre; it’s been difficult to keep up! Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 biggest beauty trends from this year from neon glows to two-toned locks for you to peruse.

Bare-faced beauty

This year brought the bare face back in a big way; you could get the look by either stepping out completely bare-faced barre the skincare, or opting for an easy no-makeup makeup look with a minimal base, lightly defined brows and moisturised lips. Altogether, it’s a trend most got behind because it’s seriously as easy as it gets.

‘60s-inspired mod graphic eyeliner

Originating from the ethereal ’60s beauty icon Twiggy, Mod graphic eyeliner has seen a revival this year with stars like Lily-Rose Depp and Shay Mitchell sporting their own interpretations of the trend. Instead of working a smokey eye to let the peepers pop, the graphic eyeliner lets you steal the limelight with minimal effort—so long as you prep your lids with an eye makeup primer.

Coloured mascara and eyeliner

An easy way to switch up your everyday eye-routine, coloured mascara and eyeliner is a refreshing take on summer makeup. Shades of green were a popular go-to (tips here on how to ace it), while our we personally took coloured mascara (purple!) to the test earlier this year.

Art decor eyes

A favourite on the runway this year, art decor or painted lids are the epitome of using makeup as a form of artistic expression. Eye-popping looks varied between bold paint-like strokes to chic swathes of colour—all made to steal the show.

Glossy gloss

Everything gloss has had a big moment this year, with gloss popping up on any body part you can think of. Eyes, lips, skin—you’ll find gloss on all of these things, accentuating each feature. In particular, glossy lips that were once so famous in the early 2000s (think all the Lip Smackers and Juicy Fruit tubes you went through) are back with a bang: your lips but glossier.

Printed and textured nail art

Kendall Jenner made cow-printed nails a thing back in May, which then spurred a slew of snazzy motifs that ran the gamut from fruit-jelly nails to questionable gummy bear tips. The options were endless—finally, you can now match your nails to your outfit in ways that had never been attempted before.

Low maintenance brows

A far cry from the uber-defined Instagram brows of the last decade, 2019 has taken a step back and embraced a more natural brow—with a much less time-consuming routine. From feathery to naturally groomed with a soft finish, brows now serve as subtle face-framers rather than making a statement on its own.

Bleached brows

Ah, yes, the bleached brow. The staple of striking runway looks, they have graced the faces of Kristen Stewart, Adwoa Aboah and Miley Cyrus alike. Not a particularly new trend in the scene (Madonna, Chloë Sevigny and the like have already experimented with peroxide brows back in the ’90s), bleached brows were repped by celebs on red carpets for good reason. There’s no undermining the importance of eyebrows—visible ones, that is.

Two-toned hair

Initially the trademark of ’70s icon Debbie Harry of Blondie fame, punk two-toned hair has seen a resurgence in popularity whether it be a bleached fringe, a peek-a-boo under layer or a colourful dip-dye. Notably, Dua Lipa hopped on the trend train, sporting the two-toned blonde/black look.

Neon everything

Neon came in many forms this year: Shay Mitchell’s neon take on graphic ’60s eyeliner, Camila Coelho’s hot-pink eyeshadow she wore to the 2019 Met Gala, and RiRi’s pink on pink look that’s proof that (beauty) rules were meant to be broken.

Faux freckles

After a few appearances on major runways, Instagram took over and made freckles the most coveted beauty-look of the moment with an actual filter. Not long after, many recreating the look using everything from face and eye makeup to henna and (both temporary and permanent) tattoos.

Body glitter

Once exclusive to festivals and select holiday looks, body glitter has been made extremely wearable this year thanks to the ever-radiant Rihanna through Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava Body Luminizer and the now-numerous other iterations.

Monochrome face

Quite the amalgamation of the aforementioned trends, the monochrome face features one cohesive shade for the eyes, lips and cheeks against a backdrop of dewy skin. Korean girl group Blackpink is a fan of this trend while other A-listers such as Lily-Rose Depp and Keke Palmer demonstrated pared-back ways to rock the same hue allover without veering into clown territory.

Swipe through the gallery below and vote for your favourite beauty trend of 2019:

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