5 Must-try makeup trends to wear this SS19
Gloss, shimmer, and sprightly hues — these are all the makings of a sun-drenched summer look. Let texture and colour be your compass in acing a summer-ready visage.

These are our favourite looks and how you can achieve them:
The frosty lip trend from the '90s is making a comeback with full force, but this time, with a metallic effect to give dimension to the lips.

Tip: Wear your favourite lip gloss as a base, then use a brush to dab loose metallic shimmer powder on the centre of the lips.
An Instagram favourite as of late is this graphic look. Instead of wearing eyeliner on the lash line, bring it up to the crease for an edgy look. Perfect for all eye shapes, it is especially flattering for hooded lids and monolids.

Tip: Tilt your head up and look down in the mirror to position the line precisely on your crease. Draw a parallel line on your lash line for added pizzazz to your peepers.
Made popular by the likes of Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner, this traffic-stopping hue might have been overlooked on your palette previously, but it deserves a moment right now for its versatility.

Tip: For those with darker eye colours, go for lighter shades of green. A blending brush is your best friend for this look.
Work next-level strobing with a swathe of lavender on your cheekbones. Don't let the intense hue on the packaging fool you—the finish is likely subtler in real life.

Tip: Refrain from applying it too close to your nose—this may give your face a theatrical look instead of a diffused glow.
Bring the glossy effect from your lips to your eyelids for an all-round dewy look. Let your features pop with a dash of shine on the highest points of your face—think a balmy, opaque finish as opposed to greasy and sweat-drenched.

Tip: Avoid glittery textures for your eyelids. Go for monochromatic hues to pull your eyes and lips together for a cohesive look.
Photography: Chuan Looi/Yipieyaya Studio
Art direction: Yi Suen Chong
Styling and creative direction: Loh Wei Yeen
Hair styling: Juno Ko
Makeup: Cat Yong
Model: Elly G/Wu Models
Wardrobe: COS, Wanderlust + Co.

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