11 Manicure ideas for those who like going nude

Naked digits


By Gwen Ong

11 Manicure ideas for those who like going nude

Contrary to what the word ‘nude’ may imply, this nail colour is anything but naked – in fact, it is actually pretty elegant and classy. The neutral shade is a favourite among many as the go-to colour to bring a polished confidence to your everyday look. It is also the most practical tone that you can invest in yourself (we know you love your gel manicure!) lasting through all fashionable seasons of the year.


To get the right nudity on point, the key rule is to match the nail polish with your skin tone. For an easy-peasy guide, this is a general rule of thumb to keep in mind:

Fair/light: Go for sheer hues with pinkish tone so that your nails appear healthy
Medium/lightly tan: A hint of light beige or mocha is best to make hands look younger
Brown/tanned: Pick nudes with creamy pink or soft peach tones to enhance your sun-kissed skin
Dark: You can wear every nude as the contrasting colour adds a stunning finish to elongate your fingers


Now that we’ve sorted out the basics, time to go skinny-dipping with your fingernails. Who says nude is boring?



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