6 Unique nail trends for every bride-to-be

6 Unique nail trends for every bride-to-be

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From reverse French manicures to avant-garde nail looks, try out one of these six unconventional nail trends spotted on Instagram for your big day

Planning a picture-perfect beauty look for your upcoming nuptials? This list of not-your-average nail trends might just have the ideal nail look to complement your gown. 

An unconventional proposition

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Chrome tips that look like you dipped your fingers in a pot of metallic nail polish are perfect if you want to incorporate an edge to your look. But for those who prefer something a little more subdued, the broken glass effect against your natural nail colour (or a layer of light pink nail polish) is equally as charming.


a touch of bling (without going overboard)


Incorporating bling to your nail art can sometimes end up looking chunky as though you have crystals growing out of your nail beds. Not to mention, it can take on a slightly tacky effect that wouldn't mesh well with your elegant wedding gown. Try a subtle, contemporary nail art replete with diamantés that are tastefully arranged for a pretty look instead.


Mad for metallics


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Instead of only painting your nails white, pink and/or nude, why not add an element of gold and/or silver for an elevated look? As spotted in the above nail looks, you can opt for a graphic motif or go full-blown metallic.


A Pop of colour


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If your upcoming wedding's theme is light-hearted and fun-loving (without the excess extravaganza that comes with the usual wedding ceremonies), why not give your nails a dose of colour to go along with the sprightly atmosphere? Pastels are always a good choice, or you can always try out a more contemporary look with geometric colour blocks.


Negative space



This one's for the bride who doesn't intend to wear a ball gown or want a flower-fest at her wedding. Pull off negative space on your nails by leaving some of it unpainted—the first look guarantees an avant-garde, lengthening effect to your nails, while the second features a more flirty, fun-loving touch with pink, nude, gold and black.


The updated French manicure


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French manicures have long been a go-to look for brides-to-be. But why settle for something that WAGs would go for when you can boast an updated look that is more current and less predictable? We like the reverse French manicure for its simplicity—you can go with gold-rimmed nail beds, or have it in rose gold with scallop edges for a girly twist.


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