Smart investments: 5 tech gadgets towards a fitter you

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By Su Fen Tan

Smart investments: 5 tech gadgets towards a fitter you

If your New Year’s resolution involves getting fit or leading a healthier lifestyle, there is no better time than now to invest in these practical tech gadgets that will help you on your way to fitness:


Moov Now

Here is a fitness tracker that does it all—and more. Moov Now is a fitness tracker that doubles as a wearable coach, featuring a coaching element that speaks to you while you work out. Swim, cycle, run, workout, box with this versatile device as it tracks your form in 3D space, enabling it to detect and count swim strokes, show the power of your punches on the boxing bag, and minimise the chances of injury as you workout by prompting you to “land softer” when impact is too high, amongst others.


Jawbone UP Move

We get that not everyone wants to wear a tracker on their wrist, and that is where the Jawbone UP Move takes the stage. This small, nifty clip-on activity tracker covers all the basics, featuring activity and sleep tracking, food logging, and Smart Coach. As Smart Coach gets to know you, it gives you personalised insights and tips, providing just the motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals. The fun colour options are a major plus too!


Fitbit Blaze

So this isn’t available over here just yet, but we think it is one worth keeping a look out for. It sports a full-colour touchscreen, and offers a wide range of band options for your customizing needs. Opt for a sportier look with the cool textured rubber bands, or go for a more sophisticated hue with the classic leather bands and metal bracelet. It looks great, but it doesn’t lose its focus on fitness, with features such as heart rate measurement, sleep tracking, connected GPS and on-screen workouts with FitStar. 


Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch

Suave and functional, the Helvetica 1 is one of the best looking fitness tracking devices around. By preserving the classic mechanical feature of a watch, Mondaine injects it with a sophisticated finish that veers away from the typical sporty design that is usually associated with fitness tech gadgets. It is also able to track your sleep, and comes with a smart alarm feature to wake you during periods of light sleep.


Hexoskin Smart Shirt

Available for both men and women, Hexoskin’s smart shirt features built-in all-textile sensors, enabling it to capture your body metrics as you go about your daily routine and workouts. You’ll need the full kit in order to record your biometric data, but it will be worth it as this wearable tech tracks your sleep on top of your heart rate, breathing rate and acceleration.


Muse Brain-Sensing Headband

Guiding you to a calm, relaxed state of mind, Muse is the personal meditation assistant you never knew you needed. It may seem trivial to some, but meditation leads the way to long term benefits such as improved concentration and composure, as well as decreased blood pressure with the relief from stress and anxiety. This lightweight, comfortable headband is designed to detect and measure your brain activity, allowing you to track the information with ease on your phone or tablet. 


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