Scent to covet: The new Dior L’Or de J’adore

Scent to covet: The new Dior L’Or de J’adore

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

Whether you’re a perfume aficionado or not, chances are that you’ve heard of the iconic Dior J’adore fragrance—distinguished by its alluring white floral scent and sensual gold tear-drop bottle—created over 20 years ago. Over time, J’adore has seen many iterations, from the fruity-floral J’adore in Joy to the alcohol-free J’adore Parfum d’Eau, yet never once losing its classic, feminine and sophisticated identity.

As the new Perfume Director for the House of Dior, it is a rite of passage for Francis Kurkdjian to make his personal mark on one of the brand and the world’s most iconic scents. The momentous task is both intimidating and intriguing to the master perfumer, who was able to fuse his audacious spirit with innovation and respect for the brand’s heritage—resulting in the birth of L’Or de J’adore.


“The formula now seems tighter. I have, in a way, exaggerated the floral contours to make their nuances more prominent and thereby define a new texture, similar to that of fluid and enveloping gold. A new sensuality, immediately appealing.”

— Francis Kurkdjian


Ahead, glean the ways, Kurkdjian has made the fragrance his own:


Floral minimalism

Taking the original fragrance’s intricate floral scent, Kurkjian begins his journey with the new J’adore by trimming the composition down to its purest essence. This created a new texture, much like fluid and enveloping gold, with a fragrance that embodies organic sensuality.



A bouquet of wonders

The L’Or de J’adore shines through refined floral notes. Kurkdjian approached this challenge in two stages: first, by fine-tuning the formula to reveal the true essence of each flower, and then by elevating certain blooms to create a symphony of scents. Jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, and violet take centre stage in the fragrance. 



A reimagined bottle

The transformation of L’Or de J’adore extends beyond its scent to the very glass flacon that holds its elixir. The minimalist glass bottle is adorned with a new necklace, which echoes the warmth and grace of the scent within. The glass bead on the transparent lid adds a weightless finishing touch.



Moving forward sustainably

With the environment and sustainability in mind, L’Or de J’adore’s bottle is intended to stand the test of time, with the lid designed as a cherished keepsake. On top of that, the bottle will be available as a refill option from March 2024, reinforcing the House’s commitment to responsible beauty.


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