#GetFit: 4 Workouts to get slimmer thighs

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By Rachel Au

#GetFit: 4 Workouts to get slimmer thighs

There’s leg day and arm day so there should definitely be a thigh day; because who wouldn’t want slim, toned thighs? Stop being envious of those amazing #fitspiration photos on Instagram and try these easy workouts specially catered for the thigh area instead. The best part is that it doesn’t require any equipment (maybe an exercise mat, at most) and you can do them at home. 


Blogilates’ Intense Inner Thigh Song Challenge

Blogilates’ Cassey Ho always makes workouts look fun and in this three minute and thirty seconds routine, she utilises a song and two moves only. Sounds easy, right? It is until you have to do several reps of them continuously in one whole song but the intensity will be worth it when you feel your muscles burning and know that you’re also working your quads and butt too. 


Fitness Blender’s 5-Minute Butt and Thigh Workout

Fitness Blender’s routine requires no equipment as well and uses several different moves, with the majority of them being different types of squats, for 40 seconds each and five seconds break in between. 


Popsugar Fitness’ Lazy Girl’s Inner Thigh Pilates Workout

Bring out your exercise mats as Popsugar Fitness shows you how to get toned inner thighs by lying down but that doesn’t mean you won’t be breaking a sweat. Expect lots of stretches in this five-minute workout that encompasses a lot of quick killer moves. 


XHIT Daily’s Thigh Exercises for Losing Fat

Looking for a longer routine? Fitness trainer Kelsey Lee of XHIT has a 10-minute workout to get some fat burning cardio in and tone up your thigh, quads and hamstrings. She uses a wider variety of moves that will have you hopping from left to right in Skater Hops to balancing yourself on one side to do inner leg lifts. 


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