What is an “everything shower?” Here’s your guide to the viral TikTok self-care ritual

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What is an “everything shower?” Here’s your guide to the viral TikTok self-care ritual

Have you been taking an “everything shower?” Here’s everything you need to know about the viral self-care ritual taking over TikTok.

From playing chemist with your makeup products to the ingenious lash glue hack for bangs, TikTok has introduced a plethora of beauty tricks and trends that are either so smart you’d ask yourself why you didn’t come up with it first or just straight-up diabolical and appalling. That said, while the platform’s legion of beauty content creators have set forth plenty of novel ideas to try out—be it bad or not—for the most part, these “new” concepts are simply recycled tips and tricks, rituals, and practices that have existed long before TikTok was even a thing.


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In the latest edition of recycled beauty concepts on TikTok, the “everything shower” trend has been consistently racking up millions upon millions of views since it emerged on the platform just earlier this year. You can probably guess what the trend is all about—in fact, you’ve most likely done it yourself numerous times (at least, we hope so). Nevertheless, ahead, we’ll break it down for you to keep you in the loop and guide you through the routine step-by-step!


What is an “everything shower?”


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As its name describes, an everything shower is simply an extensive shower ritual where you do everything, including a pre-shower prep, the actual shower, and a post-shower routine. It’s essentially giving yourself a lengthy at-home spa day that should only be practiced once a week, usually during Sunday nights to refresh yourself for the week ahead or before an important affair. Everyone does it differently, but the process is more or less the same. Now, let’s get into detail.


How do you take an “everything shower?”




Like any pampering sesh, the vibe has to be right before you dive into the process. After all, it’s meant to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You can turn on your favourite music or podcast, light a scented candle or incense, turn on your essential oil diffuser, or even pour yourself a glass of wine if you’re feeling a little extra. To create the ultimate spa experience, you may also hang a bundle of eucalyptus from your shower head, which will release its heavenly scent when steamed in a hot shower.

Once you’ve set the scene, you can finally begin your pre-shower routine! As mentioned above, everyone does an everything shower differently, particularly during the pre-shower prep. Some might just skip the process entirely, while others would start with a dry brush to stimulate blood flow and get rid of any dead skin before stepping into the shower. Hence, your pre-shower activities ultimately depend on what works for you. That being said, it’s important that you save your skincare routine for the post-shower phase as runoff shampoo and conditioner will very likely trickle down onto your face, which can clog your pores and cause breakouts.



Now, the pre-shower phase is when you’re actually able to relax, because once you’re ready to hop in the shower, it’s time to put on some elbow grease and get to work! And best believe you’ll be breaking your back in there for a couple hours.



First up on the itinerary is your hair routine, starting with a thorough wash. Rather than using regular shampoo, opt for a clarifying shampoo instead for a much deeper cleanse. If your scalp is particularly oily, flaky, or you often use products like hair gel or hair spray, you might want to swap out shampoo for an exfoliating scalp scrub to remove any excess oil, product buildup, and dead skin cells at the root of your hair.

After you’re done washing, follow up with a deep conditioner and gently massage it into your scalp with your fingers to promote hair growth and thickness, then put on a shower cap or use a claw clip to hold your hair up. For those with curly or extremely dry hair, use a hair mask or treatment instead. While it’s absorbing into your hair, let the exfoliating, shaving, and cleansing begin!  



In this exact order, start with exfoliation, followed by shaving, then finish with a full body cleanse. When it comes to exfoliation (be it for body or face), it’s always recommended that you use a chemical exfoliant that contain ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acid, which are not only a lot gentler and more effective as compared to physical scrubs, but also helps reduce body acne, brighten up your overall complexion, and clear acne scars. Once your skin smooth as silk and soft as clouds, you’re ready to start shaving!

For the smoothest shave, use a fresh razor to reduce the risk of bumps and scabs. After the shaving process is done, it’s finally time to wash your body, and you can do this how you normally would in your regular shower routine. Then, you can move on to the post-shower phase!





The post-shower phase is basically comprised of your full skincare, haircare, and body care routine. While you should always moisturise your body with lotion or cream after every shower, it’s especially important after an everything shower as you’ve just exfoliated and stripped off your body’s natural oils. Of course, double cleansing is a must, even on regular shower days. If you want to go the extra mile, perhaps throw in a gua sha or ice roller massage into your routine, or put on a face mask as the finishing touch. Then, all that’s left is to kick back and enjoy the rest of your night!



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