Seduction in a bottle: Boss The Scent Parfum Edition

Dark and mysterious


By Wei Yeen Loh

Seduction in a bottle: Boss The Scent Parfum Edition

If you’re a serious fan of Boss’ range of masculine fragrances (more here), the brand’s latest parfum edition will definitely charm your (olfactory) socks off. The next addition to the range is Boss The Scent Parfum Edition For Him, a scent that celebrates the modernity and timelessness of the Boss man. While we’re still wondering who would best represent this fragrance since its launch — perhaps a face along the lines of existing ambassadors Chris Hemsworth and Zac Efron, here’s a deeper look at this scent profile.

What makes The Scent Parfum Edition For Him stand out is its seductive notes that are created from the best natural ingredients in perfumery. Opening with decadent, spicy notes of ginger, the fragrance embodies energy and an awakening of senses; later on it builds with a rich elegance thanks to the aphrodisiac maninka fruit from South Africa, complemented by orris concrete that is derived from the root of an iris flower (this ingredient is one of the most precious in the world.) A combination of patchouli and eather work together for a smoky yet woody intensity that works as the perfect base, drawing attention to the more complex and enigmatic facets of the maninka fruit. If you’re looking for something that is an intriguing twist from the usual energetic, invigorating scents from Boss, this one’s definitely made for you. 


Boss The Scent Parfum Edition For Him (100ml RM464) is available at selected department stores.

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