Five different Bosses, five different scents

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Five different Bosses, five different scents

Boss Bottled Tonic

One can’t bottle masculinity but Hugo Boss sure comes close. A signature flacon rendered in a vibrant shade of sky hopes to be the surge of reinvigoration the urban man may require. Bright notes of citrus provide an energised opening. Zesty grapefruit, tart lemon, and the freshness of apples are underpinned by a nuanced accord of bitter orange. Once that fades, a spicy soul emerges. A trio of clove, geranium, and cinnamon embraces the warmth of ginger at the heart of the tonic. Like the man who wears it, the confident sharpness of the Boss Bottled Tonic keeps it authentic with an all-important grounding quality. Here, an earthy vetiver serves as base.



Boss The Scent for her

Not to be defeated by the machismo of the previous scent, Boss The Scent for her asserts her feminine clout and says that she too, is Boss. Devised by Jason Wu as a depiction of a Boss woman, a commanding allure runs through the body of the fragrance, from first spritz to dry down. At the start, honeyed peach and freesia delicately woo the attention. Then, mysterious depth blossoms with the osmanthus flower, which has an innate ability to develop from light to captivatingly heady. Without hem nor haw, an unforgettably rich note of roasted cocoa enters; in its trail, complete enchantment.



Hugo Extreme

If power play lies at the core of the two that preceded, this duo makes a play on charisma and effervescence. Both promise a boost of confidence and a refreshing scent to follow its wearer throughout their day. As its sporty flacon suggests, the Hugo Man Extreme scent is exuberant but not without underlying focus and intensity. Green apples strike in the first minutes of the game; energetic and sure. Unexpected notes of lavender, sage and geranium are then subbed in midway through. The match is won by a distinctive kick of cedar wood and fir balsam.

On the feminine front, Hugo Woman Extreme uses irresistible charm to her advantage. The sparkling head accord flaunts its daring streak of Himalayan red grass together with a flamboyant boysenberry. Moments later a bouquet of jasmine sambac envelops the air with nuanced wafts of revitalising black tea. Provocative oriental notes lie at the base—osmanthus flower gives a sensual pull to the fragrance.



Hugo Iced

This one is for the up and coming—the enigmatic generation of millennials. It is a scent to inspire the seizing of aspirations, the blazing of trails. A blade of iced mint slashes through without hesitation. This clean, sharp note incites focus. An intrepid spirit is condensed into an innovative accord of wild tea. Juxtaposing the crisp opening of Hugo Iced with exotic juniper and bitter orange, it evokes a non-conformist credence. A deep vetiver anchors the base; pairing tenacity with wise restraint.



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