The new Bulgari Serpenti: 1 watch, 312 ways

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By Joan Kong

The new Bulgari Serpenti: 1 watch, 312 ways

From watches to bags, Bulgari’s iconic reptile has been given a different interpretation in many ways, and its Bulgari Serpenti watch range has always been at the crossroads between goldsmithing and jewellery. This round, the brand is introducing a made-to-order concept for its new Serpenti watch for the very first time—giving its customers a chance to find the perfect piece that reflects their personalities.


Instead of a steel bracelet, the updated timepiece adopts a double wrap-around straps made from Karung leather—a non-venomous water snake with a thin and supple skin, giving off a more modern and youthful vibe. If you’d like to switch things up, simply remove the fastening and you’ll able to swap the leather straps to the steel cases from previous models; it’s the ideal day-to-night watch, for sure. All of the new Serpenti watches are run by personalised B033 quatz movement.


To customise your watch, the Italian luxury brand has developed an app to facilitate the process; here’s the list of customization options for your new Serpenti:

1. Steel or pink gold case

2. Brilliant-cut diamonds or plain case

3. Mother-of-pearl or sunburst guilloché dial

4. Karung leather in five colours: black, red, white, green or chestnut brown

5. Calfskin strap in six colours: sapphire blue, agate white, ruby red, sandy beige, black or emerald green

6. Engraving on the caseback

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Watch the enchanting video below:


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