Shop: Luxury brooches to shine (extra) bright this Raya


By Joan Kong

Shop: Luxury brooches to shine (extra) bright this Raya

ICYMI, we’ve been making a case for brooches as Raya jewellery, but if you still need convincing, hear us out. We admit that brooches don’t exactly have the best rep (yes, they’re beloved by grandmas), but think about it: women have worn the decorative jewellery for millenniums now (its origins can be linked back to Bronze Age), so why can’t we keep the trend going by opting for adornments that are given a contemporary update?

For the upcoming festivities, instead of the usual earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, try giving brooches a go by cinching it on your baju Raya. Our selections below have something for you regardless of your style. If you can’t stay away from monograms, there are logo designs from Fendi and Tory Burch for you. One can never go wrong with florals, and the blooming options from Saint Laurent and Goossens are just perfect. Want tongue-in-cheek jewellery to spruce up the fun? Check out the Heart brooch from Art School, as well as the Starfish brooch from Versace.

Shop our picks below: