Shine bright with Piaget’s Sunlight Journey collection

A ray of light


By Joan Kong

Shine bright with Piaget’s Sunlight Journey collection


Piaget Sunlight Journey high jewellery collection necklace


Nothing can ever come close to the beauty of nature, and Piaget’s “Sunlight Journey” collection—the fourth sun-inspired line after “Mediterranean Garden”, “Secrets and Lights” and “Sunny Side of Life” proves just that. Comprising of High Jewellery and jewellery watches, the collection revolves around three themes—Secrets of Dawn, Midday Festival and Nightfall Celebration—each commemorating the beautiful light (and the mood) at a time of the day. 


Secrets of Dawn

The pink gold, white opal and Paraiba tourmalines reflect the grey, beige and pink shades at dawn as the Mediterranean sea and sky merge together. Timepieces with white opal dials symbolise the billowing clouds and foam, while eggshell mosaic dials help to capture the memory of a summer stroll.

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Midday Festival

The noon is where the thrilling visual effects come out to play. Its sapphire and emerald shades represent the iridescent colours of the sea, with a 45.99 carat blue star sapphire adorned with blue marquise-cut gems, diamonds and feathers. 

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Nightfall Celebration

The heat of the afternoon sun gradually subsides when the sun begins to set, with a mix of orange, pink and gold hues symbolises the sky’s one last glow. From the purplish pink spinel cuff watch to Piaget’s beloved sunbeam motifs—in the form of a 6.63-carat yellow diamond necklace surrounded by red spinels, yellow and white diamonds—these exquisite gems marks the end of a picturesque day.

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