DeGem Soleluna’s latest collection is inspired by a century-old art technique

From origami to Aury


By Wei Yeen Loh

DeGem Soleluna’s latest collection is inspired by a century-old art technique

Did you know that the ancient practice of paper folding may have had its roots in Europe and China, but only really took off in Japan in the late 17th century? This art form—as we know now as origami—was an integral part of ceremonial functions during the Edo period, later on evolving to a form of recreational activity. What’s intriguing about origami is the notion of how a piece of paper can undergo an intricate transformation to become a three-dimensional model, be it a Japanese crane, airplane, or even flora and fauna.

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It is the sheer wonder of this art form that inspired DeGem to launch its latest diamond fashion jewellery collection under the Soleluna brand, aptly named Aury—a phonetic nod to the word ‘ori’, signifying ‘fold’ in Japanese. What transpired is a stunning lineup of contemporary designs that take on origami-inspired shapes such as paper planes, boats, rabbits, swans and modern geometric motifs. An elevated aesthetic by way of  folded patterns is evident throughout the range of necklaces, rings and earrings, especially so with the brilliancy of diamonds and gold. A standout is an asymmetrical necklace bearing a paper plane design featuring a string-through detail, well-paired with a matching statement split ring of the same motif. Those with a soft spot for animals would love the diamond-studded origami swan necklace that represents blessings of happiness and peace, and a pair of rabbit-inspired earrings that take on a delicate nuance. 


DeGem Soleluna’s Aury collection is available at all DeGem boutiques in Malaysia.


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