DeGem’s Infinity Precious engagement rings are as sweet as can be

Symbol of love


By Su Fen Tan

DeGem’s Infinity Precious engagement rings are as sweet as can be

More than just a symbol of love, an engagement ring marks a milestone in your relationship, and the beginning of a beautiful forever. Looking to make your “I do” moments that much more memorable, DeGem introduces the Infinity Precious collection, a range of unique engagement rings where sapphires star in place of diamonds. 


In an engagement ring, sapphires symbolise love, faithfulness and sincerity. The sapphires used in this collection are all natural, unheated gemstones, representing the sincere love between you and your significant other. Fun fact: Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, with a blue sapphire engagement ring—a ring that was once owned by Princess Diana. We’d think your princess probably won’t mind a sapphire ring of her own too.


Besides the conventional blue sparkle, DeGem’s Infinity Precious collection also features a couple of beautifully cut pink sapphires. Take your pick here:

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