Chanel goes nautical for its 2017 High Jewellery collection

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By Joan Kong

Chanel goes nautical for its 2017 High Jewellery collection

From the launch of its Chanel Gabrielle bag to the newly released Gabrielle Chanel perfume (its first fragrance in 15 years), it’s apparent that 2017 is the year of Gabrielle Chanel. First presented during Haute Couture Fashion Week, the brand continues to celebrate its founder through its latest high jewellery collection. Named after the yacht of one of the most important men in the designer’s life—the Second Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, the four-masted boat was the epitome of luxury (at least 40 crewmen work onboard). According to Gabrielle Chanel, “Luxury is a necessity that starts when necessity stops”, and these are all translated into the stunning collection, which are in a colour palette of white, blue and yellow.

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The “Flying Cloud” collection is inspired by the seafaring equipment and essentials, with nautical symbols such as buoys, ropes, anchors, compasses and tattoos being a mainstay in the line. Aside from that, the designs also took note from the summer wardrobe of the sailors, with details such as sailor stripes and buttons adding a hint of quirkiness to the collection. The pieces are segregated into several lines:
Sparkling Lines has gold and diamond ropes; Summer Cruise consists of stripes of sapphires, white gold, cultured pearls or yellow and white diamonds; Precious Float features lifebuoys in white gold, lapis-lazuli and cultured pearls; Yachting Day with anchors in white gold, sapphires and pearls; and knotted gold and diamond ropes in Sunny Ropes.

Below are some of our favourite pieces from the “Flying Cloud” collection:

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