10 Most Instagram-worthy spots in New York City

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By Rachel Au

10 Most Instagram-worthy spots in New York City

New York Fashion Week is in full swing but shiny new collections aside, the city is a glorious wonder all-year round. Every thing—culture, sights, food, entertainment, anythingis a bit more exaggerated than anywhere else and yet rather than being OTT, it’s one beautiful kaleidoscope. If you’re the kind of traveller that plans your itinerary based on Instagram points, these ten spots score pretty high on our list. 


1. Top of the Rock


The Empire State Building is a great place to view the city from above but at the top of our charts is this Midtown observation deck which includes said New York landmark. Once you’re done snapping all the breathtaking panoramas, switch to the other side for a stunning view of Central Park.


2. Flatiron Building

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If you appreciate architecture, the Flatiron Building is one that will take your breath away with its unusual triangular shape. To get a shot of the whole building from the front, position yourself on the Fifth Avenue traffic island next to 24th Street.


3. Grand Central Terminal


You’ve seen it on countless television shows and movies—now let your followers see it on your Instagram. Be it a Boomerang or a still shot, head to the concourse’s upper level for the best view. The trick is to make sure you capture its starry-night ceiling and the four-sided clock at the centre. 


4. The Brooklyn Bridge

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A popular stop on any introductory tour to New York, the Brooklyn Bridge is especially satisfying for those who share a penchant for geometrical lines and symmetry. You can snap the bridge itself or the amazing NYC skyline as you walk across it. Tip? Two words: Golden hour.


5. The Manhattan Bridge from Dumbo

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Yes, DUMBO. It’s short for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and we’re not making it up. Get the perfect shot by standing at Front Street with the Empire State Building framed within the bridge’s base. 


6. Times Square… from the New York Marriott Marquis


Times Square looks amazing even when you’re standing in the centre of it but why fight with the crowd when you can get a bird’s eye snap of it? Guests staying at the Marriott Marquis might have this view from the room but otherwise, visitors can take an elevator to the Broadway Lounge on the eighth floor or book a table at the hotel’s revolving restaurant, The View, on the 48th floor.


7. The Oculus

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Here’s another one for those who enjoy architectural wonders and this particular beauty came with a $4 billion price tag to build. The idea was, according to architect Santiago Calatrava, to resemble a “bird released from a child’s hands”. 


8. FDR Drive

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Not many have yet to discover this part of New York or realise its potential as a photo spot. Hence, all the more reason to head out to the west side of the Manhattan Bridge pedestrian path. You can go in from Forsyth and Canal Streets.


9. Metrograph

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If you’ve seen all the above and desire somewhere less touristy and more hipstery, there’s a sweet spot on Ludlow Street in Lower Manhattan. Metrograph doubles as a quirky cinema and restaurant where a few movie premieres and events have even been held there but for the many ‘grammers have popped by just to take a photo at/of the concession stand.


10. While We Were Young


Not sure how Pantone feels about “millennial pink” but fans of the colour will adore this restaurant located in West Village with its pale pink velvet banquettes. On the other side of the tiny space is a bar in a gorgeous pastel blue shade with marble countertops to match. Oh, we heard the menu doesn’t disappoint either. 


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