Sights to See: 7 Amazing pink lakes from around the world

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By Rachel Au

Sights to See: 7 Amazing pink lakes from around the world

Yes, it’s easy to get lost in all the ‘ugly’ in this world today—be it reports of crime, pollution, or just a growing concrete jungle. Things begin to become mundane and life itself begins to grow dull. But that’s where the beauty of travelling lies. Seeing a new city is as much of a breath of fresh air as going on a forest resort getaway albeit less literal. If you’re unable to take a few days off from work in the next few weeks (or months), how about just taking a breather and looking at these amazing pink lakes from around the world? 

(And just add them to your travel bucket list while you’re at it.)


1. Lake Eyre, South Australia

lake eyre pink

Australia is home to several pink salt lakes and there is one located 700 kilometres north of Adelaide—Lake Eyre. It holds the title of the largest salt lake in Australia yet it is rarely ever filled with water, having only been filled to capacity three times in the last 160 years. The pink phenomenon happens when the lake begins to dry up, increasing its salinity as the water evaporates. 


2. Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia

hutt lagoon western australia

Located in the Kalbarri region of Western Australia and beaming in various shades of pink, Hutt Lagoon is more than just a pretty sight—it contains the world’s largest microalgae production plant. The resident algae responsible for the pink hue is called Dunaliella salina. It produces tonnes of beta-carotene which can be used as a food colouring agent as well as acts as a source of Vitamin A. 


3. Lake Hillier, Western Australia

lake hillier western australia

Perhaps one of the most represented images of a pink lake, Lake Hillier on Middle Island is a stunning sight for its bubblegum pink against the contrasting lush greenery that surrounds it. The reason behind its bright hue, however, was a mystery for the longest time until researchers confirmed it in a new investigation in March 2016. While the culprit was undoubtedly Dunaliella salina, they found that the lake also contained many other ‘extremophile’ microbes which contribute to its rosy colour.


4. Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Laguna Colorada Uyuni Bolivia

This pink lake is also known as the Red Lagoon as it comes off as a pink-reddish colour depending on the season and thanks to the variety of algae that dwells in it. Rather than its gorgeous mix of colours, the shallow salt lake is more popular for a large number of the endangered James’s flamingo—also called the puna flamingo—flocking to the area.


5. Lake Retba, Senegal

lake retba senegal

Lake Retba—or as the locals call it ‘Lac Rose’—is another popular pink lake and plays a huge role in the community’s means of living. With such a high concentration of salt—it has even been compared to that of the Dead Sea—it is actually harvested by the locals where they will spend up to seven hours a day using long shovels to pile their boats high with the mineral. 


6. Salinas de Torrevieja, Spain

Salinas de Torrevieja pink lake

Relatively easier to visit as it’s found next to the city itself, Salinas de Torrevieja is actually made up of two salt water lakes; except one is green and the other is pink. There’s a protected natural park next to it which is a rich haven for flora and fauna, but especially for flamingoes during the mating season. Most of the locals visit for strolls by the lake or just to have a picnic. 


7. Lake Burlinskoye, Siberia 

siberia pink lake

Lake Burlinskoye made headlines recently in August as the lake that turns pink during (and every) summer. The natural phenomenon has been attracting more tourists to Siberia or more specifically, to the mountainous Altai region. Unlike the other popular pink lakes, it gets is rosy blush from an overload of tiny pink microorganisms called Artemia salina, a three-eyed, salt-loving brine shrimp with 11 legs that swims upside down.


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