Tech review: Why the Oppo Find N3 Flip further fueled my love for flip phones

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By Sarah Hani Jamil

Tech review: Why the Oppo Find N3 Flip further fueled my love for flip phones

After using various flip and foldable phones, I have to say I’ve developed a genuine appreciation for their unique form and versatility. They have significantly redefined the way I consume content whilst carrying out my daily tasks. Take the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 for instance—in its folded state, I effortlessly prop it up to watch videos while simultaneously handling other activities like cleaning or packing. The same goes for taking photos. I don’t have to trouble someone else to take pictures for me; I just place it on a flat surface and rely on the timer instead.

Now, following the success of Oppo’s launching Find N3 and N3 Flip series event last October, I had the opportunity to review the latest Find N3 Flip phone for a couple of weeks. Let’s explore what I’ve discovered about this cutting-edge foldable device.


First thoughts

As you can instantly tell, Find N3 Flip maintains the design essence of its predecessor, save for minor variations in body dimensions and significant camera updates. Nevertheless, it remains a remarkably stylish phone in my opinion. This compact flip phone comes in three alluring colours to choose from—Misty Pink, Creamy Gold (my pick!) and Sleek Black. The folding hinge features a beautiful, gem-like micron-carved flowing design. Complemented by the cosmic ring encircling the camera, the device certainly exudes a luxurious look.


The iconic vertical cover screen

I initially questioned why the cover screen remained relatively small, but after a week of using it, everything finally made sense. This vertical design, with a 17:9 aspect ratio, serves the same function as the main screen, ensuring no cropping of videos and pictures. A quick swipe to the left unveils mini apps and widgets so you can quickly access them on the go. You can even run some full-screen apps like X and TikTok, swipe or reply to messages, mimicking the function of regular smartphones without unfolding the device.

I am also able to watch YouTube from the cover screen. As someone who enjoys watching YouTube over lunch, I rely on this very much. When I want a larger display, simply unfolding it allows me to enjoy content at a 90-degree angle. The cover screen also comes with different wallpapers and cute interactive animals to choose from. You can even create your own GIF wallpaper for the cover screen in the settings too.


Is there a crease?

Having used several flip phones now, I’ve become accustomed to the subtle crease at the folding. To my surprise, the crease on Find N3 Flip is almost invisible. While noticeable under specific lighting conditions, it is genuinely minor. Kudos to Oppo for their Flexion Hinge technology, which uses industrial-leading waterdrop flexion hinge design, not only enabling smooth folding but also reducing the visibility of the crease.


Selfies redefined

Through the collaboration between Oppo and Hasselblad, the first flagship triple camera on the front of any flip phone was introduced. These newly integrated powerful lenses include a wide 50MP camera, an ultrawide 48MP camera, and a telephoto portrait 32MP camera, ensuring the capture of high-quality and memorable moments.

With the Multi-Flex Form camera, I could effortlessly capture pictures and videos from diverse angles. Recording videos while holding the phone sideways evoked a nostalgic feeling similar to using a camcorder. The dual preview on the cover screen simplifies the selfie-taking process. A simple gesture of showing my palm to the camera initiates a countdown before capturing, providing ample time for my friends and I to gather for the perfect group selfie within the ultra-wide frame!


All-day battery

As previously stated, I rely on the device throughout the day for consuming and generating content. Remarkably, it effectively supports my productivity and leisure activities non-stop, courtesy of its impressive 4,800mAh battery. Furthermore, its 67W Supervoc fast charging capability ensures that an 80 per cent charge is achieved in just 30 minutes, and a full 100 per cent charge is reached in a mere 42 minutes.


Room for improvement

The absence of Instagram and Facebook on the cover screen widget feels disappointing, given that I regularly use these apps for communication and sharing. I’m hopeful that future updates will include these apps on the cover screen, enhancing the overall user experience. Nevertheless, using yet another flip phone in my daily life only reinforces my belief that foldable phones represent the future, given their stylish design and unparalleled convenience. I cannot wait to see what other new innovations and enhancements can be made in this specific phone design category!


Prices for the Oppo Find N3 Flip start at RM4,399. For more information or to purchase, click here.

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