Leica Sofort: The most stylish instant camera

Would you Leica new instant camera?


By Rachel Au

Leica Sofort: The most stylish instant camera

Surprise! Who would have thought Leica would go down the instant camera route? If you have always hoped it, then it’s a wonderful dream come true. And one that looks utterly adorable because let’s face it, features aside and at first glance, the Leica Sofort differs from other instant cameras with its unique design to reflect the very light-hearted essence and fascination of instant photography.

While it’s available in orange, white and mint, Leica has also fitted this beauty with the decent makings of an instant camera – because no one buys instant cameras for HD pictures with stunning depth of field details. You buy it for its spontaneity and to capture the live-in-the-moment moments that can’t be reprinted or saved on a hard drive (or to be Photoshopped). 

Leica sofort

Here’s the gist of the Leica Sofort’s available features. It has four main modes: Automatic, Party & People, Sport & Action, and Macro. In Automatic, it delivers pictures with a more authentic and natural look by taking advantage of as much natural light as it can take without triggering the integrated flash. 

Leica Sofort - film

You can also toy with the creative programmes for multiple and time exposures, as well as set a self-timer with two different delays. For the latter, the camera will automatically adjust the parameters (exposure time and aperture) to the selected self-portrait mode – there’s a mirror on the front of the camera – to ensure the best photos are printed (selfies, anyone?).



As for the film, it can use the ol’ Fujifilm Instax Mini film or Leica has two options of their own to offer – colour and monochrome that come in a warm shade of cream for its frames. 


The Leica Sofort will be available at RM1,260 (price inclusive of GST) from November 2016 at Leica Store and all authorised dealers. For more information, visit Leica’s website.


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