Casio Malaysia launches new detachable outdoor camera

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By Rachel Au

Casio Malaysia launches new detachable outdoor camera

Detachable cameras aren’t exactly new if you consider those detachable DSLR-quality lens for smartphones but as a whole, Casio’s new EXILIM EX-FR100 retains the feature but with added and upgraded applications. A follow-up to its highly successful predecessor EXILIM EX-FR10 and designed for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits and hands-free photo-taking and video recording, the EX-FR100 camera is user-friendly while delivering high performance. 


The design

Featuring a sleek, portable silhouette with a rugged design, the EX-FR100 isn’t just easy on the eyes per se as the camera body is also shock, water and dust resistant. As it’s equipped with a new 16mm ultra wide-angle 12.7-megapixel lens, taking selfies and large group photos, as well as landscape photography will be easier than before. 

Casio EX-FR100 detachable outdoor camera

Intelligent Interval feature

Generally, it’s hard to snap a good photo of fast-paced outdoor activities but one of EX-FR100’s key highlights solves this unstable issue. Thanks to the EXILIM high-speed HS3 engine, sensing technology, and image analysis, the Intelligent Interval feature automatically selects and saves (clear, crisp and sharp) photos taken during high-speed continuous shooting. The others that are too blurred and/or slanted will be saved for users to sift through later. 


Convenient and user-friendly functions

Not everyone wants to go through the whole video editing process to create a fun travel video from all the pictures and clips taken during the trip. The EX-FR100 can easily do that within the camera. In addition, users can save themselves the hassle of needing to transfer a photo or video from camera to phone via a laptop and USB cable with the wireless data transfer option. 


The new Casio EXILIM EX-FR100 is available in yellow, white and black at a recommended retail price of RM2,149 with 18 months warranty upon warranty registration. For more information, visit the Casio EXILIM Malaysia website.


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