7 homegrown minimalist Instagrammers to follow right now

7 homegrown minimalist Instagrammers to follow right now

Less is more

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Declutter your feed with these 7 Instagrammers from Malaysia with minimal galleries for maximum impact

For greyscales and desaturated subtlety:

Lydia Tan | @lydia522

Lydia's feed is a master class in quiet sophistication. The subtle shades of her pictures accompanied by her understated use of figures allow viewers to slowly appreciate the composition and mood of the images.

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For vivid cityscapes and majestic landscapes:

Sean Jesudasan | @seanjesudasan

A departure from the former featured profile, Sean frequently uses rich tones and high contrast in his shots. His style of enhanced realism captures the energy of the setting—transporting us straight to the moment frozen within the frame.

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For poetic moodiness and microscopic stride-by's:

Joey Mah | @mr_darcy

A perfect combination of artistic compositions, eye-opening perspectives, and flawless shadow-play. Joey shows how minimalistic photography has more to it than white walls and flatlays. He creates poetic narratives with figures barely illuminated or posed so far in the distance that they're reduced to a mere silhouetted accent in the often barren setting.

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For artistically eerie storytelling:

Koyuki Inagaki | @koyoox

Koyuki is born Japanese but has called Malaysia home for a large part of her life. A graphic designer by trade, she uses unconventional styling techniques to capture intriguingly offbeat portraits and imagery, which almost have a sense of surrealism to them.

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For vibrant polychromatic backdrops:

Shaz Sharif | @ moksva

This profile by Shaz makes us scratch our heads at how we may have walked by so many great colourful walls without noticing. With a keen eye for colours and patterns that adorn our surroundings, she frames them in a way where they become bold graphic statements. Plus, her son makes the most adorable little model.

BONUS: Ahady Rezan (@huxsterized) is Shaz's husband who has his own stellar gallery of colourful wall-obsessed pictures. Don't they always say that two is better than one?

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For even brighter psychedelic fantasies:

Jie | @_bahm

If you thought the previous profile was bright, brace yourself for Jie. This whole gallery is comprised of shots with trippy patterns in every colour imaginable. The backgrounds are often computer-generated graphics but the mini human figures superimposed onto the graphics bring the pictures to life.


For an architectural white-out:

Kai |

Currently based in Tokyo, Malaysian architectural intern, Kai, is an expert at extracting interesting elements from banal structures of steel and concrete. Once isolated, these forms take on a new conceptual meaning. The absence of strong colours also adds to the abstract nature of the images.

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