You can now get the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Pink Gold

Pink is now


By Rachel Au

You can now get the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Pink Gold

Pink shades seem to be a hit lately (the Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 proves this point) and it’s only natural that people would be interested in owning something in that colour; especially something that they’d be carrying around often—something like a smartphone. Samsung clearly understood this and combined it with the huge popularity of the Galaxy Note 5. 


“The exceptional innovation and functionality of the Galaxy Note 5 aside, we realised that colour too play an important role in the popularity of the phone. From our research on market insights and predictions of current trends in the smartphone industry, we noted that Pink is a unique vibrant colour that resonates with many consumers,” said Mr Lee Jui Siang, Vice President, IT & Mobile Business Unit, Samsung Malaysia Electronics.  


As Lee mentioned, the Galaxy Note 5’s functionality is one of its loveable points but a huge part of that leads back to the ground-breaking S Pen that is exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy Note Series. With improved writing capabilities and a variety of practical tools, it’s more convenient and easier to be creative with the new S Pen. The sensors are so reactive and sensitive that even digital calligraphy is possible as we discovered at an introductory workshop of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in Pink Gold. 


The limited edition Galaxy Note 5 in Pink Gold is available from 21 January onwards (while stocks last) at a recommended retail price of RM2,699 (inclusive of GST). 


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