Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Things we loved

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By Buro247

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: Things we loved

The Galaxy Tab S2 is Samsung’s most stylish tablet to date. We had a chance to review it and here are a few things that we absolutely love about it.


Slim frame

When shopping for a tablet most of us look for something that will fit easily fit into our bags and not add that extra bulk. At only 5.6mm thick, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is the thinnest tablet on the market. In fact, it was so slim and inconspicuous that when we carried it in our bags, we hardly noticed it at all. With a matte plastic cover and a solid metal frame, the Galaxy Tab S2 also feels ultra luxurious in your hand. 


Versatile display

The Super AMOLED display reproduces life-like colours, which means when doing your online shopping, the colour that you see will be in its truest form, leaving no room for surprises. The display also makes photos and videos look more vivid with more detail. The versatility of the Super AMOLED display is demonstrated when set to Reading Mode as it will recreate a similar viewing experience as browsing traditional print media, which will allow for longer reading sessions. 


Productivity features

The tablet comes with Microsoft Office Solution that will make the creation and editing of documents an effortless task, perfect for those who are constantly away from their desks at work. The multitask function that allows users to run multiple apps at once is wonderful for getting more done and increasing your productivity. 


Improved camera

A tablet’s camera is probably the most underrated feature that it can offer and many people do not utilise it as much as they should. Things are about to change with the Galaxy Tab S2 as it now has an increased lens aperture that will allow for 35% more light than its predecessor. This means that this tablet can take brighter and better pictures, even in low-light conditions. 


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