Discover the beauty of The Silk Story at The Exchange TRX this Lunar New Year

Discover the beauty of The Silk Story at The Exchange TRX this Lunar New Year

Silk splendour


By Natalie Khoo

After a month full of festive celebrations, The Exchange TRX continues to live up to its goal of being “the new social heart of Kuala Lumpur” with an exciting Lunar New Year lineup. Drawing inspiration from Chinese silk, visitors can look forward to a convergence of legacy, tradition and cultural enlightenment at the lifestyle destination from 13 January to 18 February 2024. Here’s what to expect:


The Silk Story

While silk is now widely used across the world, the origins of the material can be traced back to the Neolithic period. The prized material served as a catalyst for the trading of commodities, culture, and knowledge between the East and West.

In light of this, The Exchange TRX brings to life the historical and cultural significance of ‘The Silk Story’ this festive season—transforming into a canvas that reflects symbolisms of wealth, elegance, and beauty. Mirroring how the smooth and intricate textile played a vital role in bringing different communities together over the course of history, The Exchange TRX invites visitors from all walks of life to come and marvel at the regal splendour of silk in Chinese culture.

Expect larger-than-life installations and impressive activations that tell the intricate tale of this luxurious fabric—intertwining its rich history with the exuberance of the Dragon Year festivities.


Decorative displays

Taking center stage at the Central Exchange is an intricately-crafted giant revolving silk lantern with a mythical dragon flying through ornately decorated pop-ups. Aside from the Central Exchange, there will also be other captivating decorations and entrance displays peppering the complex in vibrant hues of red and gold.

Look out for the magnificent animated dragon intertwined with silk that will run the length of the three-storey flat iron screen too! Needless to say, there will be social media-worthy backdrops at every corner of The Exchange TRX for festive photo-taking throughout the auspicious season, promising a dramatic impression of iconic Lunar New Year emblems.​


Engaging activities

Furthermore, there will be a host of cultural activities visitors can look forward to include an oriental music ensemble, acrobatic lion dances, silk dances, as well as festive performances by Taylor’s International School. Visitors are also welcome to participate in exclusive Lunar New Year-themed craft and embroidery workshops.


Attractive redemptions

That’s not all—in the spirit of spreading prosperity and good fortune, The Exchange TRX will be offering special redemptions throughout the Lunar New Year campaign period (13 January to 18 February 2024). Simply spend RM388 in a single receipt to receive an exclusive angpow set.​ For UOB cardmembers, spend RM288 with any UOB or Citi-branded card in a single receipt to receive an exclusive angpow set and RM20 worth of Seibu gift vouchers.

Alternatively, spend RM2,888 in two receipts to receive an opulent tea set. For UOB cardmembers, spend RM2,288 with any UOB or Citi-branded card in two receipts to receive an opulent tea set and RM200 worth of Seibu gift vouchers.


Thoughtful partnerships

To share the abundance for the new year, The Exchange TRX is also collaborating with its retail partners for special CSR initiatives. In partnership with Uniqlo, 50 children at Ti-Ratana Welfare Society Malaysia will receive a specially customised T-shirt based on their zodiac. Additionally, The Exchange TRX is teaming up with Mercato to donate CNY goods to 100 families through Suriana Welfare Society Malaysia.


For more information and updates, download The Exchange TRX app (available on the Apple Store and Google Play) or follow The Exchange TRX on Facebook and Instagram.



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