#RakyatJagaRakyat: 32 White flag initiatives and food aids in Malaysia to support

#RakyatJagaRakyat: 32 White flag initiatives and food aids in Malaysia to support

For Malaysia, for humanity

Text: Natalie Khoo

In the wake of the #BenderaPutih (White Flag) movement, here are some Covid-19 food aids and donation drives to lend a helping hand

[Update on 16 July 2021: More initiatives have been added to this non-exhaustive list. All initiatives are now distinguished by category (food banks, NGOs, businesses) for easier reference]

[Original article dated 1 July 2021]

(Note: An excerpt of this article is adapted and updated from a previous #KitaJagaKita article.)

Half of the year 2021 has gone by, but the majority of Malaysians who are not in essential services remain in “total lockdown” under Phase One of the National Recovery Plan (NRP). Daily Covid-19 cases in Malaysia are still nowhere near the 4,000 mark required to progress to Phase Two, and total cases have now surpassed 745,000.

According to the Economic Action Council (EAC) secretariat, more than 600,000 households from the middle-income group (M40) have slipped into the B40 category since the pandemic. Even charity and non-profit organisations are running low on funds to alleviate the burdens of the these poor and underprivileged communities.

The escalating situation has compelled Malaysians to take matters into their own hands, as seen with the #BenderaPutih (White Flag), #KitaJagaKita and #RakyatJagaRakyat movements.

If you are able and willing to help fellow citizens and marginalised communities tide through these difficult times, here are some Covid-19 food and donation drives and initiatives to support in 2021.

Food Banks

1. Yayasan Food Bank

Established in 2019, Yayasan Food Bank is a non-profit NGO that redistributes surplus food to B40 communities in higher learning institutions (IPT), charity homes, welfare centers and Program Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT). Under its Covid-19 Emergency Fund, it aims to provide food boxes to affected communities in Malaysia. Each family food box consists of basic food items and other non-perishable supplies worth one week of groceries. Cash and food donations are welcome.

Donate to:

Contact: [email protected] / +6011 3767 0600 (WhatsApp)

Distribution locations: Nationwide

For more information, visit this website.

2. Kechara Soup Kitchen

Kechara Soup Kitchen is no stranger to society, having served the homeless and marginalised communities in Malaysia for over 13 years. Since the onset of the pandemic, the not-for-profit NGO has initiated numerous fundraisers to provide skillset training for low-income individuals to gain independence—on top of its usual soup kitchen and food bank operations.

To get involved, you can sign up as a volunteer, start a fundraising initiative, or pledge cash and in-kind donations. Businesses and corporations can also work together on CSR partnerships to help continue its mission of serving the underprivileged.

Donate to:
Kechara Soup Kitchen Society
Maybank 5122 3133 4874
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL

Contact: +6010 333 3260

Distribution locations: Klang Valley, Johor, Penang, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Perak, Sarawak

For more information, visit this website.

3. Food Aid Foundation

Founded in 2013, Food Aid Foundation is a non-profit organisation and food bank that rescues surplus food and distributes it to charity or welfare homes throughout Malaysia. In recent months, it has distributed thousands of food bags to quarantine (PPR) and vaccination centres (PPV) to support our frontliners that are serving the public during these trying times, while also distributing groceries and supplies to underserved communities. Cash donations from the public are welcome. You may also express your interest in food donations via email to [email protected]

Donate to:
Food Aid Foundation
Maybank 5647 8016 5577
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL

Contact: +603 9226 5500

Distribution areas: Nationwide

For more information, visit this website.

4. The Lost Food Project

The Lost Food Project is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues “lost food” (aka surplus food production) and gives it to those in need, including charity partners, B40 families, refugees, and vulnerable communities. With the increasing number of people who have lost their livelihoods and homes, their appeal for support and donations is now more crucial than ever. Those keen to support its initiatives may sign up as a volunteer, partner on a fundraiser, or pledge a monthly or one-off donation.

Donate to:

Distribution locations: Klang Valley

For more information, visit the website.

5. Cheka Movement Malaysia

Cheka is a charity organisation started in 2018 by a group of four Malaysian youths who are passionate about making a difference in the world. During the pandemic, Cheka has been running food banks in various states across the country. While it has since reached its goal to support over 1,000 families, it is currently still open to supplying food in selected locations as stated in the Instagram post above.

Those who wish to help may donate basic foods such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, flour, instant noodle, dry food and so on by reaching out to the contacts listed above. Cash donations are also welcome.

Donate to:
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mobin
Maybank 1642 5852 4810
Reference: Foodbank

Distribution areas: Selangor, Johor, Kelantan, Pahang, Malacca, Sabah, Negeri Sembilan

For more information, follow Cheka on Instagram @chekamovement.


Since its inception in 1967, PERTIWI (Persatuan Tindakan Wanita Islam) has been involved in several social initiatives including soup kitchens, health services, childcare, and lobbying for women’s rights in Malaysia. You can help the organisation reach more underserved members of society by donating to either its soup kitchen or special assistance for poor urban families.

Donate to:

PERTIWI Soup Kitchen
RHB 2140 3520 2015 91

Special assistance (milk, diapers and groceries)
Maybank 5641 8240 0589

Distribution locations: Klang Valley

For more information, visit this website.

7. FoodBank.Digital

#RakyatJagaRakyat: 32 White flag initiatives and food aids in Malaysia to support (фото 1)

Initiated by Exabytes together with EasyParcel, 91app, Pgeon Delivery, Easystore and Easywork, FoodBank.Digital is a new initiative that aims to help Malaysian families in need by providing food supplies digitally. To address the concerns/barriers of visiting food banks in person—whether due to stigma or logistics issues—the collective will be delivering boxes of food supplies to applicants via delivery.

Each FoodBox costs approximately RM60 worth of rice, instant noodles, and other food supplies that can help a family survive for one week. Exabytes will be responsible for packaging the supplies, whereas delivery is sponsored by Pgeon and EasyParcel. All donations will be utilised solely for the purchase of food supplies, which will be audited by Grant Thornton for transparency.

Donate to:
Exabytes Network Sdn. Bhd.
United Overseas Bank (UOB) 2653057972
Reference 1: FoodBank.Digital
Reference 2: Your Name

Kindly email your bank-in confirmation to [email protected]

Contact: 604 609 7831 or email [email protected]

Distribution locations: Nationwide

For more information, visit this website

Non-profit and non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

8. Refuge for the Refugees

Refuge for the Refugees is a non-governmental organisation that supports the plight of refugees in Malaysia, including providing food and medical aid, education, and opportunities, as well as organising fundraisers. As of time of writing, the NGO is supporting 1,500 families and counting, but lacks the means to meet their needs due to the escalating burden of the pandemic. Donations are welcome to help fund its supplies of food and essentials.

Donate to:
Persatuan Kebajikan Perlindungan Kanak-Kanak Pelarian
CIMB 80 0049 9285
Reference: Food aid

Contact: +6010 362 6904 (Hilda)

For more information, follow Refuge for the Refugees on Instagram @refugefortherefugees

9. Mercy Malaysia

#RakyatJagaRakyat: 32 White flag initiatives and food aids in Malaysia to support (фото 2)

Aside from providing mental health and psychosocial support services throughout the pandemic, Mercy Malaysia has established funds to continually provide humanitarian assistance to its beneficiaries. Among the initiatives under the non-profit organisation’s FMCO Response Plan include supporting the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP), expansion of health facilities, distribution of food and essential items, and more.

To support these initiatives, you may channel your donations to:

Mercy Humanitarian Fund
MBB 5621 7950 4126
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Ref: Covid-19 Pandemic Fund

Mercy Malaysia
CIMB 80 0079 2908
Swift Code: CIBBMYKL
Ref: Covid-19 Pandemic Fund

Contact: +6019 314 0735 (Farah) / [email protected]

Distribution locations: Nationwide

For more information, visit this website.

10. Hunger Hurts

Hunger Hurts was formed in 2016 by a youth-led NGO that aims to eradicate poverty in Southeast Asia by providing basic necessities and equal access to education. Realising how badly businesses have been affected by the MCO, the organisation has recently launched the ‘One Meal’ campaign to help local vendors sustain their business while benefitting underprivileged individuals.

Each month, the campaign will highlight a local B40 F&B business to help boost their sales. The sales, in turn, will translate into free meals for underprivileged individuals. All you need to do is purchase a RM10 meal from the F&B business partner, which will be donated to beneficiaries within the local community.

Donate to:

Distribution locations: Shah Alam, Seremban, Ipoh, Sabah

For more information, follow @hungerhurtsmy on Instagram.

11. The Hope Branch

The Hope Branch is an initiative started by celebrity couple Harith Iskander and Dr Jezamine Lim to quickly and effectively raise funds for those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Officially registered as Pertubuhan Harapan Amal Harith Iskander, the NGO is actively involved in a few key initiatives including 1) feeding the homeless and underprivileged; 2) refurbishing and repairing poorly maintained shacks; and 3) distributing grocery packs to flood relief victims. Cash donations are welcome to help fund these initiatives.

Donate to:
Pertubuhan Harapan Amal Harith Iskander
Maybank 5648 9214 0932
Reference: Covid-19 Emergency aid

Contact: +6019 709 3103 (WhatsApp)

Distribution areas: Johor, Penang, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor

For more information, visit this website.

12. Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)

On top of providing crisis support and counselling for victims of domestic violence, abuse, mental health issues, Women’s Aid Organisation has recently initiated a donation appeal to provide perishable foods for survivors and residents at its shelter. Cash donations are welcome to fund basic necessities, counselling sessions and upskill programmes for these survivors.

Donate to:
Womens Aid Organisation
CIMB 80 0238 2997

Contact: [email protected]

For more information, visit this website.

13. Mymahu

Mymahu is a non-governmental organisation that was founded in 2016 with the aim of raising funds for the needy. To do its part for the #benderaputih movement, the organisation will be sponsoring RM50 worth of groceries and RM100 in cash per underprivileged family.

Donate to:
Maybank 5642 5858 8252

Contact: +60 11 7287 6259

Distibution areas: Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Lumpur, Sabah, Perak

For more information, follow @mymahu on Instagram.

14. Gotta Give Back

Gotta Give Back is an NGO that supports orphanages and charity homes across Malaysia. With the increasing burdens on these centres due to the pandemic, the organisation is ramping up its donation drives to provide funding and basic supplies to as many beneficiaries as possible. Every donation, no matter big or small, could help give underprivileged children a chance at a better life.

Donate to:
Persatuan Memberi Kembali (NGO)
Maybank 562405637850
Reference: Bantuan PKP

Contact: +6013 305 7973

Distribution locations: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Perak, Terengganu, Kuantan

For more information, follow @gottagiveback_ on Instagram.

15. Fugee

Fugee is a non-profit organisation that champions equality for refugees through advocacy, education, and entrepreneurship programs. Since June, Fugee has launched a food donation drive to feed hungry families regardless of race, religion, or nationality. It partners with other NGOs to distribute its food supplies to refugees, migrant workers, the trans community, orphans, as well as people who are HIV-positive. Donations are welcome to fund its purchase of food supplies.

Donate to:
Liberty to Learn Bhd
RHB 2142 7700 0580 70
Reference: Food Aid

Distribution locations: Klang Valley

For more information, visit this website.

16. Happy Bank Crew

Happy Crew Project is a non-profit organisation that supports underprivileged communities in Malaysia through various programmes and events. As part of its Covid-19 Food Aid and #TengokJiranKita (“check our neighbours”) campaign, it aims to raise RM100,000 to supply food baskets, hot meals, and a community store for the needy.

Each food basket costs RM50 and consists of daily essentials and baby diapers or milk (if requested). Hot meals cost RM5 and are distributed every Friday to identified needy communities. Meanwhile, the ‘Kedai Komuniti’ initiative costs RM500 a week to supply free daily essentials for the poor. Donations or volunteers are welcome to support these causes.

Donate to:
Happy Crew Project
Maybank 5686 2100 0906
Reference: Covid19

Contact: [email protected]

Distribution locations: Nationwide

For more information, follow @happybankcrew on Instagram.


Short for Sukarelawan (meaning ‘volunteers’ in Malay), SKRLWN is a non-profit organisation initiated amid the Covid-19 crisis last year. In response to the Bendera Putih movement, the team of volunteers launched ‘Project Kibar’ to reduce the stigma of asking for help, as well as to call for donations. Those interested to help can donate cash or items for a Family Pack, which costs RM99 for a full month’s worth of daily supplies. Other donations such as books and toys are also welcome to be donated to children’s homes.

Donate to:
SKRWLN Enterprise
Maybank 5642 7654 5020
Reference: Project Kibar

Contact: DM @skrlwnsociety on Instagram or email [email protected]

For more information, visit this website.

Community-led initiatives

18. Kuching Food Aid

Life before the pandemic was difficult enough for poverty-stricken families in rural areas in Sarawak; now many of them are completely depleted of reserves due to prevalent Covid-19 cases and lockdown restrictions. In response to this, a family effort led by Shen-Tel Lee turned into a community-led initiative dubbed the Kuching Food Aid (KFA), which provides food aid to needy families in the state.

Donations to KFA can be made directly at participating local supermarkets and outlets in Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu or via the following designated fund:

Donate to:
Persatuan Maju Ke Hadapan Kuching
Maybank 5610 3312 5037
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL

Distribution locations: Sarawak

For more information, follow @kuchingfoodaid on Instagram.

19. Lockdown Kit

Initiated by a group of Malaysians who wish to remain anonymous, the Lockdown Kit offers a comprehensive list of dry foods and hygiene products (including sanitary pads, upon request). Those who require assistance can reach out via DM on Instagram (@lockdownkit) with their name, contact number and delivery address. It has currently run out of kits, but will be back on 5th July with more. They are not equipped to accept donations at this juncture, but you can help by sharing the post so that it reaches those who may need help.

Contact: DM @lockdownkit on Instagram

Distribution locations: Semenanjung Malaysia (delivery within 2-3 days)

For more information, follow @lockdownkit on Instagram.

20. Artsy Fartsy Market

Run by childhood friends Flora Wong and Eleanor Sinta, Artsy Fartsy Market is a Miri-based platform that connects, promotes, and celebrates the local creative community. To do its part for the white flag movement in Miri, they have started food banks at The Hut, Permyjaya and Surabaya 3, where the needy can drop by to collect food and hygiene items. Donors can also help by filling up the shelves at the food bank or donating to fund the supply of dry goods for as long as possible.

Donate to:
Wong Ai Shan
CIMB Bank 703 413 3258
Reference: Food bank

Distribution locations: Miri

For more information, visit @artsyfartsymarket on Instagram.

21. Project Happy Bags

Initiated by Wanderlust + Co founder Jenn Low, Project Happy Bags started as a weekend activity with her four-year-old daughter Olivia to spread joy and 'happy notes' to children, as an add-on to food aid being supplied to their families by food bank drives. The initiative quickly drew attention and evolved into a public fundraiser after her followers started expressing their interest to contribute by donating or writing notes of their own. As of 9 August, the project has raised RM68,000, which is used to fund 2,400 Happy Bags, as well as additional baby milk formula, baby diapers, and sanitary pads in aid of period poverty. Additionally, more than 3,600 Happy Notes have been given out to young, underserved children. Those interested to support Project Happy Bags may do so by:

  • Making a donation of RM100 (for four Happy Bags) or more via this link
  • Writing Happy Notes for distribution with each Happy Bag via this link

For more information and updates, visit @jennlow.wco on Instagram.

Businesses and social enterprises

22. Kembara Kitchen

Kembara Kitchen is a social enterprise that primarily provides catering services. Through its #KembaraHeroMeals initiative, the enterprise serves ready-cooked meals to frontliners and disaster relief victims. Besides that, the team also sends out care packs to underprivileged individuals and families through its charity and NGO partners. Donations in-kind (groceries, diapers, hygiene products) can be delivered to Kembara Community Care Centre (K3C) in Shah Alam. Cash donations are also welcome:

Donate to:
Kembara Kitchen
CIMB 86 0254 2231
Reference: HERO (Hero meals) / MCO3 (care packs)

Contact: [email protected]

Distribution areas: Klang Valley

For more information, follow @kembarakitchen on Instagram.

23. Plus Vibes

Launched in 2020, Plus Vibes is an all-in-one solutions provider for mental health and well-being. While continuing to offer mental health support via its free mobile application, it has also started a Bendera Putih donation drive to help feed the needy. Those who are seeking food and basic supplies can fill out their details here, whilst those who need counselling can download the app here to be connected to a professional.

Donate to:

For more information, visit this website.

24. Mimpikita

Homegrown fashion label Mimpikita has initiated the Mimpikita Food Bank to distribute essential supplies to vulnerable families. Each box contains a list of dry food supplies including rice, cooking oil, flour, biscuits, and more. It has managed to fund 150 boxes from public donors so far, with an additional 30 boxes donated by the brand. Donors may purchase a box on the brand’s website at RM50 each.

For more information, follow @mimpi_kita on Instagram.

25. Bao Malaysia

To do its part for the #benderaputih campaign, Bao will be sending out 50 ‘Bao Essentials’ boxes daily to those in need. Each box contains essentials such as food supplies and hygiene products. While it does not accept monetary donations, those interested to contribute in-kind or request assistance for someone who has raised a white flag may get in touch via Instagram DM (@bao.malaysia) or Whatsapp.

Contact: DM (@bao.malaysia) / WhatsApp 013 8013490.

For more information, follow @bao.malaysia on Instagram. 

26. The Butter Pantry

The Butter Pantry has launched a white flag drive to procure, pack, and deliver food aid boxes to those in need in the Ampang community, as well as to migrant families and refugees who have been affected by the MCO. Since starting the initiative in mid-July, the specialty sandwich cafe has raised more than RM20,000, with contributions from customers, entrepreneurs, independent brands, and the general public. Cash and in-kind donations from the public are welcome to continue this outreach to help many more underserved individuals and families. Those interested to donate can reach out via WhatsApp or DM on Instagram. 

Meanwhile, those who are struggling to put food on the table may head over to The Butter Pantry or Hanwoori cafe in Ampang to redeem a free Bendera Putih meal, available daily from 3pm to 8pm.

Contact: 017 902 1132 (WhatsApp) for donations / 011 2883 7558 for Bendera Putih meal

Distribution areas: Ampang

For more information, follow @thebutterpantrykl on Instagram.

27. BAC Education Group

#RakyatJagaRakyat: 32 White flag initiatives and food aids in Malaysia to support (фото 3)

The BAC Education Group launched the BAC Food Bank Initiative to help eradicate Malaysian food poverty by providing dry rations and cooked food to those struggling with food security. Its Free Makan Campaign aims to provide 10,000 B40 families living across numerous districts in the Klang Valley. Donations are welcome to support them in providing basic supplies including rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour, instant noodles, cream crackers, salt, potatoes, and more. For bank transfers, proof of donation should be provided via email to [email protected] or WhatsApp +6014 2315528 (Moo).

Donate to:
Make It Right Movement Sdn Bhd
RHB BANK 2121 9800 0406 83
Reference: “Stop Hunger”

Contact: +6012 293 5722 (Mithila) to request for a grocery pack

Distribution areas: Batu Muda, PPR Seri Alam, PPR Sri Aman, Keramat Pangsa, PPR Raya Permai, Ukay Indah, Sri Kota, Tmn Mulia, Tun Razak, Puchong, Chow Kit, Ampang, Lembah Subang and more

For more information, visit this website.

28. BMS Organics

This organic natural wellness and grocery store is offering free vegetarian bento boxes at its Puchong Utama, Selangor branch every Tuesday and Saturday from noon onwards. Portions are limited to one meal per person, while stocks last. Additionally, it has set up ‘Caring Bins’ to collect donations of dry foods that will help feed the poor. Interested donors may find these bins at the BMS Organics listed below:

  • Sri Petaling
  • Puchong Jaya
  • Central Point
  • Setia City Mall
  • One Utama

For more information, follow @bmsorganics on Instagram.

29. Groove Grocer

This neighbourhood fresh halal grocery store in Hartamas is calling on Malaysians to support its White Flag Rakyat drive to supply meals to the needy. Every RM50 donation will help feed five Malaysians (inclusive of delivery) living in identified underserved areas.

Contact: +60 10 226 6250

Distribution locations: Klang Valley

For more information, follow @groovegrocer on Instagram.

30. Shell Group

Volunteers Unite has partnered with Shell stations in the Klang Valley to introduce a Community Food Box at their premises. There are currently more than fifty Shell petrol stations supporting this initiative to offer dry food supplies including cooking oil, sardines, crackers, and rice. Those in need can drop by to pick up free supplies contributed by members of the local community. Donors are also welcome to contribute these food supplies to their nearest Food Box.

Distribution locations: Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

For the full list of distribution locations, visit this Facebook page.

31. Agrain

Agrain has launched the Agrain For Good campaign, which aims to provide free meals to the vaccination task force by raising donations from the public at RM10 per meal. It aims to raise RM25,000 by July 31 to provide lunch meals for volunteers stationed at Putra World Trade Center (75 people) and the Malaysian International Trade and Exhibition Centre (415 people) to cheer our frontliners on as they serve the people. In addition, Agrain will supply meals or daily necessities to White Flag locations identified and shared by the public.

Donate to:

Contact: 6012 680 5950

Distribution locations: PWTC and MITEC (vaccination task force)

For more information, visit this website.

32. Malaysian Retail Chain Association (MRCA) & Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)

#RakyatJagaRakyat: 32 White flag initiatives and food aids in Malaysia to support (фото 4)

The two associations have partnered to raise emergency funds to purchase essential food supplies for struggling families. This initiative aims to raise RM500,000 to supply enough food boxes to distribute to over 10,000 families within the Klang Valley and its adjacent vicinities. To date, the food boxes have reached 2,000 families at nine distribution locations since 3rd July. Cash donations are welcome to meet the target to help more families that have been affected by the pandemic.

Donate to:

Malaysian Retail Chain Association
CIMB 8600 6172 16
Reference: Co. Name_whiteflag
Click here for the donation form

Direct Selling Association of Malaysia
Public Bank 3078 894 406
Reference: Co. Name_whiteflag
Click here for the donation form


MRCA: 6012 438 0435 (Simon Wong / Lee Choo)

DSAM: 6019 378 7937 (Lawrence Cheah / Feriz Mohamad)

Distribution locations: Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

For more information, visit MRCA this website or DSAM at this website.

Head over here for more information and updates on Covid-19.