#InstaLove: Unicorn toast and how to make it

Taste the rainbow


By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Unicorn toast and how to make it

You can find a lot of interesting photos and food trends on Instagram. That’s where we discovered coffee in a cone, birthday cake croissants, sushi donuts and avocado roses. The latest trend is a combination of the Internet’s love for rainbow hues and our obsession with healthy toppings on toasts: Unicorn toast. 



Created by food stylist Adeline Waugh of @vibrantandpure—who especially love to use toast as a canvasher edible works of art smothered in cream cheese of multiple pastel colours was an insta-nt hit. What she originally coined as #ToastTheRainbow was soon termed as unicorn toast. 



While food splashed with rainbow colours is usually a sign of lots of food colouring, you’ll be thrilled to know that Waugh isn’t a believer of ‘toxic chemicals’ in her food. It’s all-natural. “I use beet juice for the hot pink, freeze-dried strawberry powder for the light pink, turmeric root juice for the orange/yellow, drops of chlorophyll for the light green, spirulina powder for the light blue and freeze-dried blueberry powder for the purple,” she told Teen Vogue. 



To take it a step further, Waugh uses almond milk cream cheese. However, the colouring actually doesn’t affect the taste of the spread at all. (So don’t worry about a beet-flavoured cream cheese toast.) 


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Get her full recipe on Cameron Diaz’s Our Body Book website.



An alternative: Ombre toasts.



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